Tropical Smoothie (Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl)

The Ultimate Instagram-worthy Smoothie

This is the ultimate “Instagram” smoothie if you are into that. The “blue” color comes from the algae component. I know it sounds gross but it basically does not have a taste which is why it is great to mix with just about anything. To make the “blue” even bluer, I primarily use blueberries and chia seeds. Studies also show that there is a benefit to blue-colored food and utensils. In fact, blue is the only appetite suppressant on the color spectrum.

Tropical Smoothie (Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl)

Difficulty: Beginner
Best Season: Summer


A vibrant and colorful smoothie bowl with a unique blue color from Blue Majik powder and blueberries. This recipe also includes chia seeds, coconut, and optional dark chocolate for a tasty and healthy treat.



  1. Blend blue Majik powder with berries and chia seeds.

  1. Add Catalina Crunch and coconut on top.
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