5-minute Core Workout: No Equipment Needed

In today’s fast-paced world, busy professionals need to stay sharp, focused, and energized to tackle the day ahead. That’s why we’ve designed this quick and effective 5-minute core workout specifically tailored for busy executives like you. Strengthen your core, improve your posture, and boost your productivity with these targeted exercises that you can do right from your office or home. People always ask me what I do and assume I spend hours in the gym, but just like you I have a real job and don’t have time. The secret is that is not what it takes – it is about working smarter, not harder. So follow along with my 5 minute workout that you can do anytime, anywhere, in 10 simple moves.



Why Equinox is the Gold Standard for Fitness Motivation

It always comes down to this: motivation. Because sometimes I don’t have it. Sometimes I am overworked. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I do not want to leave my warm bed.. Sometimes I just feel like the world has let me down and want to wallow in self-pity with the Bachelor and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Through the years, Equinox has been there for me when the world disappoints, or gets too overwhelming.. If you are considering an Equinox membership, this article will give you a full preview of what to expect with a membership from the point of view of a member for 10 years and counting. 

Spoiler alert: it is completely worth the money and pays dividends to your well-being.


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Enjoy Thanksgiving and Keep Your Fitness on Track

It’s official – travel for the holidays is back. About 70% of Americans said they have travel plans to travel for the holiday, Airport officials and industry analysts say passenger traffic for the Nov. 24 Thanksgiving holiday through New Year’s is set to reach or exceed 2019 levels.

This post updates the hottest tips for staying sane and healthy during Thanksgiving.



10 Ab exercises that won’t mess up your hair

Whether it’s a midday workout or a quick one before you hit the office, or your weekend activities, you might want to just zoom through a workout with as little “muss and fuss” as possible. For me, sometimes I have just gotten my hair done the day before, or maybe I don’t want to look like I have been rolling around on the floor just minutes ago. If you are working at home, you can do many of these between calls. If you only have 15 minutes to actually be in the gym you can easily do an amazing ab workout after a five minute brisk work or HIIT workout. (see my post here for a simple explanation of HIIT and how it is easily accessible)


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Why You Should be Skeptical of the 12-3-30

Every single day when I walk into the Equinox I see the treadmill -style workout still sweeping the nation – the 12-3-30 workout. But a lot of what I see is people holding on for dear life on the handles and craning their necks to overcompensate. It is important to consider whether a certain “hot” workout is right for your physique, as opposed to jumping on some social media bandwagon. You should always be skeptical. This is why.


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Fasted Cardio for Best Results

Fasted cardio has gained significant attention for its potential benefits in accelerating weight loss, but there is so much more to it. It can help jumpstart your morning, get your blood and creative juices flowing, and uplift your mood.


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How to Show Steps on Your Apple Watch Face

If you have or are considering getting an Apple Watch, you may be aware of this fact: unlike a Fitbit, you do not see the number of steps immediately on the watch face. Wait, what? 

Steps don’t automatically appear on the watch face. Which can really decrease your motivation when you are trying to track steps. The good news: There IS A WORKAROUND. I learned it, I did it, and so can you! All is right with the world.


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Spring Cleaning: The Sneaky Workout You Didn’t Know You Needed

Spring cleaning may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, but it can actually be a sneaky way to get a workout in. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy we burn during our daily activities, and cleaning and organizing your home can be a great way to boost NEAT and burn some extra calories. In this article, we’ll explore some common spring cleaning tasks and how many calories they can burn per hour, as well as tips on how to tackle cleaning out and organizing your closets and kitchen cabinets.


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How to Get Toned Arms for Summer – Starting Now

Spring is here,  and it’s time to start thinking about getting those arms ready for tank tops, sundresses, and other warm-weather attire. Whether you’re looking to tone up, build muscle, or just feel more confident in your own skin, there are plenty of ways to get nice arms for spring.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals. It might be only spring but it generally takes about 8 weeks to notice a difference when you start a new training program. Be patient, and follow along!


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How to Stay Fit Over Spring Break

Spring break is a time to let loose and enjoy yourself, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of your health and fitness goals. Whether you're planning a tropical getaway, a visit to an amusement park, a camping trip, or a fancy international vacation, there are plenty of…

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Atractive fit woman works out with dumbbells as a fitness conceptual over dark background.

The 5 Biggest Myths About Strength Training, Busted

“You don’t need to do cardio if you lift weights!” “Weights will make women bulky.” “You have to lift heavy to see your body change.”

Ever since bros have been lifting, there has been “broscience.” A classic way to spot one of these broscientists is the guy walking around the gym with a protein shake and a brightly colored pre-workout drink. And he may also be sporting a bag of trolli gummi worms, because it’s “chest day.”

A lot of the myths surrounding strength training make it more of an intimidating world to approach. How can you dedicate hours of extra time a day to doing sets when you can barely tear yourself away from that spreadsheet?

Here are 5 common beliefs about strength training and how to keep your busy schedule without having to become a “bro” parked in the gym for hours.


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Exactly how to do stealth workouts in the middle of the day

The Wall Street Journal had a recent article, “Why Working Out During the Workday Is the Ultimate Power Move”. The article has an interview of CEOs who humblebrag about being able to disappear for two hours unaccounted for to do sets at the gym. This is the exact kind of messaging that makes the rest of us think that we have to be some big wig to “get away” with midday workouts. 

I beg to differ. I have been doing mid-day workouts for years – when I was an on the clock government worker, as a junior associate at a law firm, and now as a director at a Big 4. The secret is knowing exactly what you will do and exactly how you will do it. And being PREPARED. You may not be the CEO of a company, but you should be the CEO of your own body. 


Whatever you write down will fade by February. So do something different, now. Photo by Tim Mossholder

New Year’s Resolutions for People With Real Jobs

  – and sustain it.  If resolutions are not sustainable, then what IS sustainable? Changing your daily HABITS is a sustainable way to make lifelong differences. That is because you are working with what you are already doing every single day - making decisions. Every single habit we have is…

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How to attend conferences without blowing your fitness goals 

If you are in a professional services field, you know that conferences are like our Superbowl. It’s the ultimate opportunity for companies to showcase their talent, swag, and brand power. 

It’s also the ultimate opportunity to pack on the pounds. A lack of choice for food options, many of which are not healthy. Wining and dining. Little sleep from compressed schedules for presentations and time zone differences. 

Slowly, you make decisions that you would never make if you were at your own home base. Like, maybe that stale mini cheese Danish IS a good idea. 

If I know one thing from being a professional in this workforce for many years, pre and post-pandemic, I know how to navigate this minefield. And I am here to tell you all the best tricks and tips so you can come and go like the fit boss that you are. 


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How to Cure Tech Neck

Did you know looking down at your phone is like putting the weight of a bowling ball on your neck? Not to mention, when you add stress, your neck will tense up further. The way we sit in front of the computer and look at our devices means we are always looking down. Overt time this causes your head to move forward, and eventually throw off your neck alignment. This is known as “tech neck.” And this is beyond an annoyance. Over time, untreated neck issues can cause massive tissue damage and harm to the spine including slipped or herniated discs. The good news is, there are easy hacks and exercises you can do right now to ease the tension in your neck and cure the related headaches.

Here is your guide to cure tech neck AND get better posture below.


TRX is not a new currency - the equipment has been around since 2001 and like crypto was a pioneer of innovation. Photo by Quantitatives

The Best Full Body Workout

Is.... the TRX. It is not just a cryptocurrency. It is the currency of a shredded, next level body. This post will explain the TRX and how you can use it to get next level results. What IS a TRX? A TRX workout is a full-body workout that is done…

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The Best YouTube and Fitness Apps

As professionals on the go we often have to rely on the guidance of others to just be able to wake up and jump into a quick workout before we hit the shower and get ready to start the day. Or, we may be traveling and need something on the go when we do not have access to our home equipment or gym. Or it may be over 100 degrees outside and you need a good indoor workout in the comfort of your air conditioning and ability to be barefoot and in super comfy clothes.

Last year, I started a YouTube Channel and I realized this is a great way to curate and collect content just like I have been doing for the blog with all of the articles. I have made playlists for cardio, strength training, stretching and yoga. 

Check out each link, or scan the QR code to open it on your own device. 90 percent of the workouts are NO equipment. For those workouts that do



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