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Photo by Tim Mossholder @Unsplash

The DAOFitLife Hotlist: Summer workouts to enjoy before fall

There are murmursof a “false fall” or “early fall” happening. But despite some of these breezy days, we still have 3 weeks until real fall. So let’s get out there and enjoy some fun outdoor sports.

#1 “SUP” Paddleboarding or Kayaking

Get a chance to do this before the season ends. Paddleboarding is a great workout for your core and a great photo op. And you do not have to go on some fancy vacation. This is a lake in VA! (thanks to my friend Marissa for hosting).

Paddleboarding is a great workout for your core and your arms – really, your whole body because your legs have to stabilize. For your core, your obliques will get an excellent workout because of the side to side motion required to move the paddleboard.

Nervous about standing? First of all, don’t be, the center of gravity in the SUP is so anchoring you would have to TRY to fall. And if that is not a good enough reason or you just want to get used to the water, try kayakng.

#2 Swimming

man swimming on body of water
Photo by Todd Quackenbush @Unsplash

Swimming burns a ton of calories and is excellent for your joints. If you have been pounding the pavement training for a race, consider giving swiimming a chance in cross-training, of course if it is a triathlon you have that covered already

#3 “Hiking”

man in black jacket and black pants wearing black backpack standing on rocky mountain during daytime
Photo by Stephen Leonardi @Unsplash

Let me tell you a secret. Hiking is a fancy word for walking in nature. The key word is “nature.” Research actually shows that getting back to nature improves your mood and cognitive capacity. So a hike can make you more productive and happy at work!

Try to go early in the morning where there are less likely to be bugs and on an empty stomach, to enhance the fat burning power of fasted cardio – but of course bring a snack and water with electrolytes in case you need something to keep going. 

#4 Running

woman in black sports bra and black pants running on water during sunset
Photo by Alex McCarthy @Unsplash

There is no better time than now to sign up for a 5 or 10K, 10 miler, half or full marathon based on your skill level. The great thing is that it is scaleable and the races are usually scheduled for October or early November, which is a perfect time weatherwise. And now is a great time to train, where you can still do early morning or late evening runs outside of working hours. There is nothing like a super early morning run to feel like you have taken on the day before 8am. The sun is just rising, the streets are not crowded, and a lot of times you have the smell of the rainstorm from the night before. Perfection! 

You can also use travel to your advantage and go for a run in the area around your hotel. The new sights will be stiulating and if you happen to be on vacation, it is also a great way to sightsee. You can check with the front desk if tthey have any recommeneded running routes. Many of them do so and even have maps, or you could just get a general sense of guidance of where a local park may be located, as that is usually a place where you will find people running and exercising. Running in Hyde Park in London, for example, is so much fun!

#5 Outdoor yoga

This is the season of “sunrise” and “sunset” yoga classes. You can usually find one offered by your local gym or even your office building. If you work at an office with a fancy rooftop view, talk to your building / office management about organizing one. It is usually very easy to find a local yoga teacher willing to come by and do a corporate all-level class. 

You don’t have to sign up for a class, either. You can make your own outdoor yoga happen by taking your mat back on your deck, balcony, or driveway and doing some moves. A patch of grass is all you need. Breathing in deep fresh air as you move your body will rejuvenate and exhilirate you.

man in black t-shirt riding white bicycle
Photo by KBO Bike @Unsplash

#6 Biking, indoor or outdoor

In case you have not noticed, SoulCycle is closing about a querter of its studios so this is your chance to get indoor cycling in a class while you can still enjoy the experience. But a bike ride outdoors, whether it is a beach cruiser, mountain or road bike can be an exhilarating experience for you. It is best done in a group – and the perfect way to catch up with friends. Plus, if it is a one-off fun bonding experience, you can always borrow a friend’s gear and accessories. Definitely wear a helmet! 

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