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My favorite dish from True Food Kitchen- can't wait to go back to LA and have it again! Hot sauce is great to speed up your metabolism.

Week 7 – DAOFitlife Meal and Exercise Plan

On a weekly basis I update my meal and exercise plan google sheets so you can see real time what I eat, drink, and how I move. You can download the templates and customize them for your own meals and workouts. And I have a rolling update of my fast and simple recipes HERE.

Tips of the week:

  1. Overnight oats is a super easy way to have breakfast for days. I have the recipe and combo on my recipe page.
  2. I have slowly started running again, and I am sharing my tips for how to get back into it and what apps to use here.
  3. I am doing a weighlifing program with one of the best strength training apps I have seen, Fitplan. If you want to do it with me, join on the app and look for the Sommerfit program!

DAOFitlife Meal Plan – Week 7

Customizable DAOFitlife Meal Plan and Grocery List Links

DAOFitlife Exercise Plan – Week 7

Exercise Template Links

Toning move of the week

Arnold press – yep, named for THAT Aronold. It wirks your biceps, tops of shoulders, lats AND upper back.

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