Who I am

I have a hustling job in Washington, DC, which I love. I am equally passionate about fitness and bringing it to the community, including the one where I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. We are one of the fittest cities in the United States and that influence of constantly being active and eating healthy has stuck with me. I believe we can have it all – a healthy, happy life that we create in all the chaos. We just need the right tools.

My upcoming book, the DAO of Being a Fit Professional, will help professional women navigate the path toward fitness, balance, and more importantly, happiness.

The DAOFitlife Blog & Book

The DAO blog, and the upcoming book, is here for busy women who don’t have time to figure it out – written from the perspective of the busy career woman who gets it. There is no promise of instant gratification or overnight success. But there is a path to life-transforming, next level, love what you see in the mirror results. This is the DAO. This is the way.

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Lili in Montreux

Lili Kazemi, Editor-in-Chief

Rahul Singh, Publisher

My husband, Rahul, who’s an actual nerd, likes to make websites as a hobby while he helps Fortune 500 companies architect, build, and manage their global business platforms with his company Anant. He is helping me by managing the publishing process, and with the technology know-how I need to get this blog up and running.

Galaxy Supervising Rahul's work on the blog.

Galaxy Singh, CEO and supervisor

Galaxy is our furbaby and has considerable responsibility, including supervising Rahul’s publishing and my blogging. She is a rescue and as such reminds us how fortunate we are to have found her at the shelter 4 years ago. She is our muse and an excuse to spoil rotten.

All the inspo I need. Galaxy!

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