Are you in an unhealthy relationship?
An Idyllic outside can be like a glossy logo that doesn't have substance. Photo by freestocks

Are you in an unhealthy relationship?

How to know when you are in a toxic or abusive relationship*

This is a blog about health and fitness. Health is not, of course, in a vacuum – part of health is healthy relationships. And if those relationships are unhealthy or abusive, that impacts our physical and mental health. Ironically, my unhealthy relationship is responsible for this blog. Fitness has given me the confidence that the toxic relationship I was in completely tore down. It’s no longer something I do but it’s part of who I am. This experience is more common than people think- and it cuts across all racial, economic, and geographic lines. This is what I want to talk about this topic – because it’s too important to not talk about. 


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