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Sip, Sweat, Succeed: Your Ultimate Dry January Guide

Ditch the glass, stow away the corkscrew, and prepare to embark on the adventure of a “Dry January.” This trend of abstaining from alcohol for the entire month has gained popularity over the years, promising not just a hangover-free start to the year but also a chance to reevaluate your relationship with that tempting tipple. So, should you hop on the sober bandwagon? Let’s uncork your Dry January Guide!


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Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight?

How booze can be blocking your fitness goals

By now you must know that I am not afraid to take on touchy subjects. I feel that with an audience of mostly working professionals, we gotta talk about alcohol. And the timing is just right.  Alcohol is a significant thread in the fabric of socialization. We will soon be back to the days of raising a glass, of wining and dining clients, and of team happy hours.


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Why Portion Sizes Matter! (more than most things)

We are going to talk about portion sizes. I categorized this as a saboteur because I have seen many cases, including with me, of eating nothing but healthy whole food and gaining weight. It is SO frustrating.

The only explanation lies in CICO, Calories in = Calories out (read my cardio post for more explanation and breakdown of CICO). Portion sizes matter in this equation. And thanks to Supersize menus, we have a skewed view of what they should be. So I will use this article to understand the problem, and then offer a guide to retrain your brain – which is what I had to do after being brainwashed by the skewed portion size saboteur.


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Stress is needed in small doses for productivity, but too much can throw your hormones out of whack. Photo by Elisa Ventur

Why cortisol can mess with you and how to stop it

Cortisol is like the evil stepsister of collagen, which I write about in my other post. More is not better and can sabotage our well-being. So let’s see how cortisol affects us, and what you can do to keep it at bay.


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Saboteur series VIII: Nighttime snacking

Nighttime snacking is probably the number one question I get from my fellow #fitprofessional peers-  and I understand because I am in the same boat as you all. Every day is like a marathon, we are scrambling to get things done until 7 or 8, AND make dinner AND finish…

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Saboteur Series V: Drinking your calories

Drinking right is just as important as eating right. I have encouraged tracking calories and food intake throughout the day. One reason this is a good practice is because people conveniently forget how many calories they can be drinking. From juices to your grab and go Starbucks and glass of…

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An hour long run doesn't mean you can lounge on the couch and eat chips the rest of the day!! Photo by Greg Lippert

Saboteur Series part IV: The Sedentary Athlete

Have you experienced starting an intense workout program, diligently sweating and working your butt off every day, and then gotten on the scale and seeing the number stay the same, or even go up? The Sedentary Athlete and Compensatory Eating saboteurs may be to blame. They go together like a couch and potato chips !


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The vast majority of "healthy" protein bars are glorified Snickers. Photo by Joshua Fernandez

Sabotage series part III – Put down that protein bar and listen up!

The nutrition industry has definitely evolved. You can find protein bars in all different flavors – cinnamon bun, chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet cake, chocolate brownie.  There are even protein COOKIES and protein BROWNIES and there is even high protein ice cream you can buy.  Go to any GNC and you will even see protein chips, popcorn, and the entire assortment of any flavor of protein bar. Plus, you can have protein powders in cool flavors like vanilla ice cream and strawberry cheesecake. What is not to love? A LOT.


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Stress or hunger? How an apple can be the key to telling the difference. Photo by Matt Seymour

Saboteur Series Part II – How to stop stress eating once and for all

It’s not what you are eating, it’s what’s eating you! UPDATED WITH MORE JOURNAL OPTIONS.

I don’t have a Ph.D. in psychology, but I do have a Ph.D. in stress eating. And I know enough to know, a demanding and crazy job is certainly a contributing factor to ignite that reach for comfort food. So hear me out.


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Learn about one of the most sneaky diet saboteurs you can't even see. Photo by Frank Zhang

Saboteur Series Part I: Condiment Caloriebombs

Condiments may not seem like a big deal, but think of it like debt. It’s not usually the principal (the meal) that drives people deep in debt. It’s the late fees (and the late fees on the late fees) and the interest (and the interest on the interest). Those represent the condiments that could put you well over your caloric budget, especially since they usually come out of bottles we squeeze and turn upside down with abandon.



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