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Best Strength Training Apps

As part of a comprehensive fitness routine, strength training is important to keep that balance with cardio. It isn’t one over the other – in my experience, they are both necessary. There is something powerful about lifting and moving your body in ways you never thought possible. That extra testosterone boosts confidence, both in and outside the gym.


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How and why to do yoga, barre, and pilates

Before we get to the apps, let’s answer the question – are these optional or niche workouts?

Not if you want your body to truly change. Strength training and cardio do a lot, but they don’t work your core, balance or smaller precision muscles in the same way.

I used to be the biggest SNOB about yoga. “Oh, that’s’ for hippy dippy people who don’t want to do REAL workouts.”

Then I went to my first power yoga class, and collapsed after holding down dog for 10 seconds. This was a RESTING POSE???!!!

The point is, if you are not incorporating yoga as a regular component of your strength training routine, you are missing out on a cardio, strength, and all-over functional workout.

I did not notice significant changes in my body until I incorporated yoga and other types of “precision” training, like barre and Pilates into my routine. Even if you are a beginner to all of these forms of training, so is everyone you are taking the class with. And now, you have the luxury of having well-designed apps and youtube workouts geared towards a private workout in your own home.

This article will give some guidance on some of the best apps that are scalable by time and level.


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You can clip into both bikes - but there is so much more to consider, including the apps that attach to them. Photo by Munbaik Cycling Clothing

The Battle of the Bike-related apps: Peloton vs. SoulCycle/Equinox

Yeah, I am going there. I feel like I have a fiduciary duty to my corporate audience to do so. So here we go: how do we finally settle the battle of the at-home workout between Peloton and SoulCycle? As you will find out, it’s really about the Peloton v Equinox brands, as well.

Also, note that Peloton and SoulCycle are not the only games in town. NordicTrack, a long-standing brand, is getting into the game with its iFit bike and treadmills. For the iFit bike experience, there is also a studio class experience, as well as simulated scenery rides, like Tour de France. Haven’t had a chance to check this out yet, but it’s worth mentioning. For now, we will mainly focus on the two frontrunners.


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How addicted you are to Insta could determine which app you choose! Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

Executive summary of blockbuster “Female Fitfluencer” apps 

Celebrity female trainers with amazing bodies and huge followings are dominating the fitness app market. I am here to help you navigate them and find the right one for you.


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Decision trees help make business decisions - why not fitness decisions?

Fitness App Decision Tree

Finding a good fitness app or program is like trying to boil the ocean. I have a decision tree to help. I know if you are the corporate type, you love these. So follow me down this logical and effective way to decide what app is not just “awesome” but awesome FOR WHO YOU ARE.


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Executive summary of Whole30 diet

The Whole30 is a popular diet to start in the first quarter of the year, so you may be thinking of doing it right NOW. It is a reset, a new chance, a way to “cleanse” the system and purify your approach to food. The question is, is the Whole30 a “challenge” or a “fad” diet? Let’s break down the basics.


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Even the most basic smoothie bowls can pack up to 900 calories. Metrics will help you make intelligent decisions about ingredients.

The DAO of Metrics

In business, accountability and metrics are important. How is a company supposed to know if it is meeting its goals and gains if there is no understanding of daily, weekly, quarterly sales? Similarly, fitness goals also need measurable metrics. But what are the right ones, and how should you track them? The #fitprofessional is here to help.

NOTE: This is not to be interpreted as a recommendation of how many calories/macronutrients you should be eating. While the tools highlighted here are a good litmus test, everyone should consult with a medical professional and/or dietician to ensure that the numbers are consistent with their individual health profiles.


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