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DAOFitLife Hotlist: The best apps for travel

Here is a list of all of the websites and apps I rely on when I travel

For finding out about COVID restrictions and other travel adventures

  • The Points Guy (https://thepointsguy.com/)- From how to find rideshares to a special covid-19 page, this guy has traveled everywhere and shares his experiences in easy to digest and searchable content
  • The Blonde Abroad (https//theblondabroad.com) – She is an ex-finance career woman who is now a full time traveler. Also has excellent “type of travel” organizations including females only and girls trips
  • Global Cornell Travel Emergencies – an excellent site to bookmark about what to do when you have a travel emergency in foreign countries, from needing police assistance, doctors, mental health assistance, assistance in the event you are attacked or there is a terrorist/violent uprising. You hope not to use this info but it is good to have and should be bookmarked in case you do have an emergency because in that case you will be thinking less clearly and need help ASAP.

For navigation and finding stuff:

  • https://www.rome2rio.com/ – Discover how to get anywhere by searching plane, train, bus, car and ferry routes.
  • https://beachsearcher.com/en – Find the perfect beach anywhere (also an app)
  • Nomad app – this app lets you plan trips by saving recommendations and sharing those trips with friends. Say goodbye to endless group chats and get planning a personal trip that reflects who you are.

For tracking calorie content and daily macros

  • MyFitnessPal – no secret that this is my favorite app, because you can look up by weight or measurement basically any type of food and track your macro/calorie intake. It also gives you information on what weight you will achieve according to your goals if you continue eating in a certain caloric /macro pattern
  • Fastfoodnutrition.org – this site gives you fast food info on almost all chain restaurants, including Starbucks, Wendy’s, Subway and more. This is a great choice for convenience food stops in places like airports or train stations, or on the road. You know basically exactly what you are getting
  • Restaurant calorie counter – Over 15,000 food items from over 100 top restaurant chains

For restaurants:

  • https://www.thefork.com/ – Find the best restaurants in Europe and book reservations
  • Trip advisor app – find reviews and make reservations

For finding local studio workouts, including internationally

  • The Mindbody app – access to all kinds of classes, including yoga, pilates, weight lifting, bootcamp, including brands such as SolidCore and Orange Theory
  • Classpass – Sign up for classes in the US and different countries according to a packaged credit system
  • SoulCycle (also available in London and Toronto) – most major cities have several studios, best ones are in NYC and LA
  • https://www.barrys.com/country-select/ – Barry’s bootcamp is now available in Paris, Mexico, Sweden, and Singapore (and more)

Best hotel room workout apps

  • Sweat by Kayla Itsines – This has a lot of no equipment HIIT and cardio training options, plus chair workouts and workouts you can do using other hotel furniture
  • Scven minute workout app (by Johnson and Johnson is my fave, there are many) – Super easy HIIT circuit and bodyweight workout to do in a rush
  • Alo Yoga app – All range of yoga workouts, including cardio and advanced, and also restorative

Best hotel gym workout apps

  • Fitbod app – Lets you build and customize workouts according to the body part you want to work, including what may be available as equipment
  • Tone it up app – offers “5 daily moves” that can be done with mostly dummbells

Best runnning apps

  • Mapmyrun – figure out a route no matter where you are
  • Strava app – also helps you figure out running and cycling routes and let family and friends track you

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