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DAOFitLife Update – Week of July 21

This week, I am going to focus on summer snacks! Given how hot it is outside, I think sometimes we just want to have a satisfying snack rather than a whole sit-down meal in the middle of the day.


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Best summer snacks 

Summer is a good time for snacks, because sometimes you just want a lighter meal given the heat. Here are some of my favorites. You can also see this article from PopSugar for more no-cook recipes;

Salty and crunchy:

  • Carrots and salsa and/or blue cheese dressing (I love Bolthouse, only 35 calories for TWO tablespoons so you can basically dip like a mofo)
  • Celery and baba ganoush (baba ganoush is similarly low in calories)
  • Popchips (hot! flavor) dipped in yogurt
  • Kale chips – I like Brad’s even a whole bag is only 180 cals and equal to a pound of veggies! I also like to add to my salads to make them crunchy.

Smooth and creamy:

  • Yogurt, walnuts and and honey (walnuts=collagen booster!)
  • Cottage cheese and berries
  • Chia seed pudding (store bought or overnight recipes here) 
  • Chocolate protein smoothie – the key is to add lots of ice and frozen banana for an “ice cream effect”

Fruity and tangy:

  • Papaya, blueberry and banana fruit salad (or smoothie) – papayas are in season, delish, and SO good for the skin.
  • Watermelon and feta (some like to add fresh mint/ some may find it overbearing. I am Persian so I like overbearing). 

Substantial but light:

  • Avocado-arugula-tahini wrap 
  • Feta, walnut and basil wrap 
  • Turkey-swiss-spinach wrap
Can I get a high five for planks!

Exercise move of the week – the slide plank 

The side abdominal wall is often overlooked. A lot of times, the focus is on the front, with crunches and leg lifts. A static side plank, on the other hand, engages your whole side body. You can also try numerous variations such as:

  • Elevating your legs on a bench
  • Making it a “rolling” side plank combo and then adding a push-up in the middle
  • Lifting a leg
  • Doing hip dips

The key with the side plank is to use the muscles surrounding your bottom hip and your lats. You want to think of forming a “rainbow” shape with your body. This exercise will help with core stability and give you that cinch of the waist and sculpt that little dip in your hip.

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