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The Stanley Cup: How to Hydrate and Stay Wrinkle-Free

The Stanley Cup craze has taken the world by storm, with enthusiasts proudly sipping their favorite beverages through the iconic trophy-shaped cup. While this trend has sparked joy and creativity among fans, there’s an unexpected concern emerging from the depths of social media – the potential for wrinkles caused by sipping through straws. In this article, we delve into the science behind this phenomenon and debunk the myth surrounding the use of side straws as a preventative measure.


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How you can hydrate for optimal health and weight loss

You know water is a key component to your overall health. But did you know that hydration is a big part of maintaining your energy and regulating your appetite throughout the day? But it’s a lot more complicated than “8 glasses a day” because everyone is different. So how much should you drink and how often? This article breaks it down by the times of day.


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"What? Your goldfish is sick again?" Photo by Justlife

On flaking: How to Deal

“Oh no! Darn it, I just remembered that I… I promised my friend’s brother’s godmother that I would help her, um, change her fax cartridge tonight… because she’s going out of town tomorrow… on an African safari!”

Penny, from the Wedding Planner (2000)

This is a line from the Wedding Planner, where Judy Greer bailed on Jennifer Lopez at the movies. She came up with this ridiculous excuse to flake on the fly, obvs. And it was definitely pre-modern communication – double obvs. But we forgive Judy, or Penny, because this way J-Lo could have a magical night with Matthew McConaughey’s character.

Now – real life. You know the deal. You make plans. You exchange texts saying how excited you are about the plans. You confirm the plans the day before….AND THEN the morning of, or hours before even, you get the text you don’t even have to finish reading: “Hey, so sorry, but…family/friend/child/pet/work emergency/weird accident/calendar mishap….raincheck bla bla bla”.

Now, this is not an indictment on flaking. I have done it. I have had it done to me. I probably will flake again, maybe on you. But I think a good “flaking guide” is in order to save friendships and relationships everywhere – so here is my DAOFitLife Flake Guide – from both the flaker and flakee side (PS, this has a guide to some really good excuses for you flakes!)


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The unspoken rules of the gym: your complete guide

So you want to go to the gym again – seriously. But it can be awkward if you don’t know the rules of this “civil society,” as Aristotle coined it. Maybe Aristotle wasn’t curling 20s, but he had a point. Part of the awkwardness people feel about going to the gym is not understanding all the social norms. Especially the unwritten ones. So here is your complete guide to feeling like a boss at the gym.


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How stressed are you - find out in 5 minutes! Photo by JESHOOTS.COM

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

Are you wondering exactly how stressed you are? There is a Stress quiz you can take that will tell y9ou where you stand on a "Perceived Stress Scale". Thanks to my friends Brendan and Jane at Zamahealth! I took the quiz from them in a workshop on paper, which you…

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That infused sparkling water could be infusing additional pounds despite how much you are doing to get fit

5 tips to spring into fitness

You know the feeling. You actually have a reason to wear real clothes, then you reach for those favorite pair of jeans/skirt/pants and then…YIKES.  

First, DON’T PANIC. 

Your weight is not like the national debt. It does not just have to keep going up. Contrary to popular belief, it is not hard to lose weight. It just takes more than 5 seconds and in our instant gratification society, that means we give up easily. The first thing you have to change before your body changes is your mindset.


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It sometimes helps to take a step back and look at where you have been. It makes you appreciate your acoomplishments and face new challenges with grit. Photo by Helena Cook

DAOFitLife is celebrating our 1 year anniversary! A look back at our top 10 posts

2021 was not everything we expected, but we all learned a lot, and have an optimistic 2022 ahead. This post summarizes the most popular posts from DAOFitLife’s first year- some inspried by you! Below you will find a brief summary and a link to read more. After you read this, I encourage you to write your top 10 “wins” for 2021. I promise you will feel amazing and energized. Let’s look back – but also commit to moving forward, together.


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"The road to happiness is not a path you find but a trail you blaze." -- Robert Brault. Photo by Denise Jones

DAOFitLife Hotlist: Top 10 special edition

In this week’s hotlist, since it is our one year anniversay issue, we thought it would be fun to highlight our favorite things along with our favorite posts! So here are the 10 things that we view as a guarantee to motivate, inspire, and just make you feel good!


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Cardio or strength traiining? You may be surprised. Photo by CHU Gummies

5 top fitness myths, busted

*Peer reviewed and co-authored by Neda Khalili, certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Trainer

Today, we are going to unpack five of the most common exercise myths to help you get to a healthier you! It can be so confusing when we are surrounded by so much proverbial “noise” and one moment “coffee is good,” and the next can be “coffee is bad.” I want you to feel like you can have some clarity, enjoy and sustain a healthy, REAL lifestyle, and tune out some of that every changing radio static! So here we go!


crqzy woman
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Working hard but not getting results? Here’s why and 10 things you can do

*Peer reviewed and co-authored by Neda Khalili, National Academy of Sports Mediciine certified trainer

“I’m working out every day. I’m eating healthy. But I am not seeing results!”

This is a common challenge when we have a goal that involves some aspect of fitness – whether this is losing weight, getting stronger, achieving a goal like running a marathon. It’s exciting at the beginning, and a lot of work. 

And then the results are in. And…you are the same weight. Or even gained a few pounds. 


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Saboteur series VIII: Nighttime snacking

Nighttime snacking is probably the number one question I get from my fellow #fitprofessional peers-  and I understand because I am in the same boat as you all. Every day is like a marathon, we are scrambling to get things done until 7 or 8, AND make dinner AND finish…

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The DAO Intuitive eating

Since the beginning of my journey writing this blog, I have learned a lot about my relationship with food. One question that has been tugging at me since I started seeing a dietitian and exploring intuitive eating – Can an intuitive eating approach be reconciled with calorie and macro counting? *



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