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Weekly roundup- running apps and masks

This is my weekly roundup of new nutrition, exercise, and recipe ideas based on what I ran across online this week.

Running app reviews

A running app review by Popsugar fitness – want to start running in those cool mornings, but don’t know where to start? Popsugar reviews running apps for all fitness levels. 

Here are a few more links comparing popular running apps: 

I let an app train me for a marathon (Amelie Tahiti)

Strava v Nike : What’s the better running app?(Medium) 

Audio guided runs make solo runs more fun (Runner’s world)

How to lower your blood sugar

I find a lot of stuff out there on what can raise your blood sugar and cause insulin resistance, but not a lot of info on how to actively lower it. This article has some good tips and videos. Check it out to avoid crashing mid-day! My favorite tip is drinking cinnamon tea. It also helps with appetite control:-)

Recipe of the week – Asian papaya salad (by Rosa’s Thai Cafe)

This is the perfect time of year to make a delicious and tangy papaya salad. I have been surfing around for some recipes, and this is the easiest one that I found. Looking forward to trying it this weekend! Especially in hot temps, we feel like eating something lighter. This salad fits the bill and can be a good dinner/lunch the next day combo. 

This recipe is also posted on my recipe site, also linked below.

Good instant lunch find – Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup

I am currently obsessed with this Carrot Cashew Ginger Soup I found from Pacific Brand. This is sold at Whole Foods and other major chains. I’ve scoped out many varieties of carrot ginger soup, just because it is so satisfying and healthy. But this brand has a creaminess and sweetness from the cashews that has me heating up a cup around lunchtime every day. Which is great, because you can put in a giant mug and sip on it if you are doing any on-camera calls.

At 120 calories per cup, 11g of carbs, and 5g of fat, this is perfect for when you need a good compliment to a salad with protein, or great as a snack on its own.

Breathable face masks

Yep, still a thing, for who knows how many years to come. Anyone going back to the gym or about to take a trip knows that hours of wearing a mask  in the airport and on the plane can be really uncomfortable. This article by Self Magazine summarizes some of the best brands for breathability.

I have the Outdoor Voices brand which I got from REI. It’s never going to be like breathing actual air, but this brand is definitely as ventilated as it can get.


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