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"The road to happiness is not a path you find but a trail you blaze." -- Robert Brault. Photo by Denise Jones

DAOFitLife Hotlist: Top 10 special edition

In this week’s hotlist, since it is our one year anniversay issue, we thought it would be fun to highlight our favorite things along with our favorite posts! So here are the 10 things that we view as a guarantee to motivate, inspire, and just make you feel good!

Best music: I love the power of music to feel good, it is like you step into another world! From working out to long walks to jus’ ‘cuz feelin’ good, I really enjoy Apple’s Essential Feminism. All of the beats on there are uplifting and powerful while going across many, many genres of music. The other song I have been grooving to I actually overheard in a soundtrack when I was out and about, and I had to download it immediately…does that ever happen to you? It’s “New Light” by John Mayer It’s romantic and upbeat and makes me feel all the things! 

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Best indulgent skincare: No better roadmap than Jennifer Lopez’s beauty rider. Those are the products that celebs ask to stock their hotel rooms or trailers. For me, a Jade roller combined with a vitamin c serum like this one from Obagi. I roll my face with this shortly after waking up to depuff and get the blood flowing. 

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Best Yoga pose: Something that always makes me feel good is practicing heart openers in yoga. I feel like I am able to breathe better because my chest is more open; thus oxygenating my body much better! My posture is also so much better throughout the day! The key thing with heart opener poses is that everything must be in alignment and you should never feel that you are ‘pulling’ onto your neck or spine- a block or foam roll can be of assistance here! Core work is imperative to keep your spine supported. I really like this particular series.  

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Best friend: To know me is to know how much I love my dog – and there is no such thing as loving your pet too much. Galaxy is definitely a star on this blog and she brings so much unconditional love and joy in our lives. My co-editor Neda has two rescued cats and it is really the same sentiment. Animals are truly pure love and literally the most loyal companion out there! I highly promote, that if it is within your means and you are ready for the responsibilities around taking care of such sentient beings, then #adoptdontshop and go for it! Even if you are not able to, maybe investing in a small bird feeder outside your window can bring you some of that joy.

Best Scent: I wear perfume every day, even if I am on Zoom calls. My favorite perfume of the year is My Way by Armani. It smells clean but has a depth that borders on woody. For men, I love Chanel Bleu.  I am a big fan of aromatherapy and its power to heal (from muscle inflammation to soothing the pain of broken heart syndrome). Although it can be highly subjective and of course, if you have allergies, then maybe another alternative but I am big fan of Tegarome Bruised Skin Blend (it ships from overseas but it smells so incredible and is well worth it) for sore muscles and sinus congestion. I am obsessed with Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil for everyday feeling good! It makes me feel luxurious with its soft sensuality and also helps when days feel a little gloomy on the heart. 

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Best Ted Talk: Lizzo! I watch and listen to Ted  Talks past and present quite often and I feel that this was the best one.  Lizzo embodies confidence and unapologetically loves herself and tells us that we need to do the same. Most interestingly, she tells us the history of  the Twerk and cultural appropriation around it and importance of the real narrative and history behind it. Her energy is most infectious in this moving talk! 

Best Journaling tools: I am a big fan of journaling. Journaling helps me clear my head, communicate better with others, and take a step back to reflect. I am big fan of writing three things that I am grateful for (big or small) each night, some people enjoy morning but whatever floats your boat! Really all you need is the right pen (it’s extra buttery) and the most crisp notebook and you are good to go! 

Best Book goes to… The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward, Daniel H. Pink. This book is one of the most moving reads right now! Yet another riveting read by the Dan Pink where he invites us to lean into our past regrets and dissect it a bit. It is a refreshing reminder in this age of digital perfection, that we are human and we all make mistakes that make us want to just look away at ourselves. I can relate – I have so many regrets, but it turns out they unlocked the key to the world I am in now, with you all! 

Rahul and I were watching the sunset in NYC, and a total stranger who happened to be a photographer taking pictures took this one of us. While it is tempting to take that perfect pic for social media try just drinking the next sunset. We have this picture in our home and it definitely lifts me up every time I walk by it.

Best beautiful sight:  Sunsets are not just for Instagram posts. I invite you to take 7 day Photography Sunset Challenge (wherever you are in the world) and bring a little bit more beauty into your life.Speaking of collages, did you know that even looking at pictures of loved ones can lull physical pain by 44%?! I keep pictures around in my home office, and they are super easy to get framed with apps like Keepsake (you just pick the picture you want from your phone, and you get to design and frame. You can also make collages!)

Best workout: Walking! Running can be your way to clear your head or your mode of transportation. All you have to do is bundle up, get out the door, and go! It is low impact and sustainable, friends or solo- friendly, reliable (!) and easy to work into your day. Personally, I always reach for my Nike Air Max 90’s, they are the perfect walking shoe! I wish all of my shoes (especially my running shoes) felt like the clouds that these guys are! 

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