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How stressed are you - find out in 5 minutes! Photo by JESHOOTS.COM

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

Are you wondering exactly how stressed you are? There is a Stress quiz you can take that will tell y9ou where you stand on a “Perceived Stress Scale”. Thanks to my friends Brendan and Jane at Zamahealth! I took the quiz from them in a workshop on paper, which you can find here, or you can take it online at https://www.bemindfulonline.com/test-your-stress

It totally takes less than 5 minutes.

Here’s an excerpt of the questions. And what can you do about stress? Exercise, meditation, good diet and sleep are your top allies.

The Perceived stress scale has been around since 1983, and is still a valuable way to gauage your overall stress levels so you can make course corrections.

Here are some common health questions that nutritionists get and their answers (Well and Good)

Do you want to get as uh, kick-ass as the Kardashians? Here is their workout from their trainer Gunnar Peterson. (Popsugar fitness)

Here is how to pimp your mac and cheese with more protein- from cottage cheese! (Popsugar fitness)

Are you always deciding between full fat and nonfat Greek Yogort? Here are some of the pros and the cons (Shape). Here is my take – fat-free yogurt usually has a lot more sugar, and tastes like glue, so full-fat it is!

Here are some awesome sheet pan dinner recipes, as you know from my Little Black Dress Meal Planning method, these are my holy grail.

10 core exercises for lower back pain (Self)

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