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Before you start medicating up, read this. Photo by Bermix Studio

Cold, Flu or Covid? The DAO weekly Hotlist

Do you have the sniffles? Below is a guide from the CDC website on whether it is more likely to be a cold, flu, or COVID. Of course you will not know for sure unless you get tested. Even if you are fully vaccinated, doctors are still recommending that you get tested if you have the symptoms of a common cold just to rule it out, since the latest variants of COVID have symptoms that start off as a common cold. Still, this guide is good to have while you are in limbo. You can also read this article for more about what doctors say about when you need to see a doctor.

Source: CDC website

What else is hot this week

All you need is a wall and a chair for this 7-minute workout from Popsugar.

The Waking Up app is an excellent guided meditation to start your morning off right. I am trying a free 7-day trial because it promises to “fundamentally change the way we see the world – and to improve our lives and relationships in the process.” I will definitely report back on this!

Are you looking for a lower abs workout? Look no further.

Must have for travel – Bobelo energy packets. They won’t break your morning fast and are great to have on hand in case your hotel room does not have a good coffee maker (the horror).

I am obsessed with this Freck beauty Rich Bitch Moisturizer. Also I like having things that say “Rich Bitch” on them.

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