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Persian food is on the menu this week. Saffron is a huge patt of Persian cuisine, which is a natural domaine reuptake inhibtor.

Week 4 – The DAOfitlife meal and exercise plan

On a weekly basis I update my meal and exercise plan google sheets so you can see real time what I eat, drink, and how I move. You can download the templates and customize them for your own meals and workouts. And I have a rolling update of my fast and simple recipes HERE.

Tips of the week

  1. Now that this is the Equiox and first week of Spring, this is a good time for renewal. One part of that is the “deload” act of resetting your body. Deloading simply means tapering off an intense workout routine to allow your body to reset your body.
  2. As the weather starts to get warmer, you can take the chance to become more active outdoors. Go on walks for calls at work, or to catch up with friends. Try to get at least once in the morning and once in the evening while the light is still out.
  3. Has it been a while since you weighed yourself? Now is a good time to assess where you are and where you want to be by summertime, when beach vacaitions are possible again!

DAOFitlife Meal Plan – Week 4

Customizable DAOFitlife Meal Plan and Grocery List Links

DAOFitlife Exercise Plan – Week 4

Exercise Template Links

Meal Plan Update

This week you might notice some Persian cuisine – this is because I am visiting my parents for the Persian new year week and those dishes are on the menu. Don’t be initimidated – many of these dishes may take longer to prepared but can provide several days of healthy leftovers. Persian dishes are rich in herbs, vegetables, and lean meats. Also, the spices we use are slimming. For example, on our kebabs, we use sumac, which yes, does come from a tree. It has a nice lemony taste and is known for helping digest the fat in food. The oher spice we use in our cuisine is Saffron. You may notice that this gets sold in supplements, and the reason why is that it prevents snacking by curbing your appetite. This is partly because saffron helps a healthy circulation of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical associated with cravings for substances – whether it be sugar, a runner’s high, or mood-altering. A lot of times what you are craving is not the food itself, but the dopamine effect.

Exercise plan update

This is my deload week, so I am focusing mainly on yoga, barre and walking. Next week, when I go back to Equinox [FINALLY], I will also go back to my full strength training routine and update my plan accordingly.

Toning move of the week

Penguins – all you have to do is lie on your back with your legs bent, and wiggle side to side (like a penguin). You can do this while watching the Crown and as part of your ab circuit at the end of a stength training workout.

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