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You will know by the end of this article how to spot a good hotel gym and work with what you got. Photo by Risen Wang

The Best Hotel Gyms and How to Work Out in Them

What do you look for when you choose a hotel for travel? Thread count of the sheets? Size of the room? Enhanced Wi-fi availability? One thing you also need to stay connected with is your health. If you have not already, check out my post on how to fit in…

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That swivel chair is perfect for oblique twists. Photo by TheStandingDesk

The DAO of Deskercise

“I’m chained to my desk all day. I don’t have time to work out!”

So not true. Introducing the “DAO of Deskercise”. You can exercise right at your desk and burn hundreds of extra calories all day. And you can preempt later body aches and pains from tech neck, wrist tension, and lower back compression. 

But how? Read on. 


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On the hunt for a great gift - consider a useful iPhone wallet. Photo by Sahej Brar

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist May 11

If you are on the hunt for a good graduation gift or Father's day present, check out the SkyBorne iPhone Wallet More Zoom video etiquette from Anna Bey (no beds in the background, don't take your phone to weird places). Want to avoid the traps of ordering from Amazon in…

woman wearing black sleeveless top using gym equipment
The lat muscles that support your back will be on full display - and making them strong will make your pushups and deadlifits better. Photo by FitNish Media

Bringing Sexy Back – DAOFitLife’s Top 10 Back Exercises

How much thought do you put into training your back? If the answer is not much, this article will convince you otherwise. Working your back is essential to counteracting the 3 C’s – couch, computer, and the chair you sit in all day.

Your back plays an integral role in all of your workouts. Running. Yoga. Pilates. Strength Training. Your back is literally your core. Even if you are not working out, your back muscles hold you up and help you do all the random menial tasks like laundry and emptying the dishwasher.

Also, your back takes up a lot of real estate on your body. It’s about to be summer with tanks, dresses and swimsuits and a sleek back will make you feel confident and have the posture to go with that confidence. Here is the DAOFitLife curated list of the top 10 back moves you can do in 10 minutes, plus more playlists and resources you can use both in the gym and at home.


macbook pro displaying group of people
We still will have days like these for as long as we can see the future. So use those common catch phrases to burn off some calories by tying exercises to certain trigger words. Photo by Chris Montgomery

Zoom conference call workouts – plus etiquette tips

I promised to continue my series on business etiquette with a guide to Zoom etiquette. But to add a fitness twist (and some fun), we’ll start by a fun way to work exercising into Zoom calls based on common trigger phrases (that are often Zoom faux pas) and what you can do to burn some extra caloiries without anyone being able to tell – even if you are on camera!


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Water - why it is so important, how to drink more. Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

Do you know if you are actually dehydrated? This article explains the tetlltale signs. Hint: you should always drink BEFORE you get thirsty. If you are even five percent underhydrated, you experience the symptoms including fatigue and headache. Considering hydrating with a zero sugar hydraftion drink? Read this before you…

woman in black sports bra holding blue and black kettle
All you need for most of these exercises is a mat and some motivation. Photo by Ave Calvar

Get fit in 5 minutes a day

This sounds like a scam right? But experts agree, 5 minutes of working out a day combined with taking steps to stay active can get you into shape – and keep you in shape. Here is how you can use mini workouts to game the system and get fit while getting it all done.


person holding Bai antioxidant cocofusion drink bottle
That infused sparkling water could be infusing additional pounds despite how much you are doing to get fit

5 tips to spring into fitness

You know the feeling. You actually have a reason to wear real clothes, then you reach for those favorite pair of jeans/skirt/pants and then…YIKES.  

First, DON’T PANIC. 

Your weight is not like the national debt. It does not just have to keep going up. Contrary to popular belief, it is not hard to lose weight. It just takes more than 5 seconds and in our instant gratification society, that means we give up easily. The first thing you have to change before your body changes is your mindset.


white short coated dog wearing green and yellow hat
This St. Patty's day, focus on life's little whimsical moments. May the luck of the Irish be on your side! Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

Here is our weekly list of what's hot in the fitness world. Want to be more happy? Learn from the Irish - it's not just their good luck. Here is a list of "happiness tips" we can learn from the Irish from around the world. I work with great teams…

soccer stadium
With the DAOFitLife guide, you could score a touchdown on healthy eats! Photo by Thomas Serer

Your complete guide to a guilt-free Super Bowl Sunday

Fun fact: Did you know that on Superbowl Sunday, the average person takes in over 1200 extra calories in snacks ALONE? On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will consume approximately 28 millions pounds of chips, 325.5 million gallons of beer, AND 1.38 billion chicken wings. If you were to dump all the guacamole we’re about to eat atop a full-length football field and spread it out, the depth would reach almost 12 feet. In our posts on habits, we talked about sustainable solutions. Part of that is planning ahead for the inevitable domino effect of “eating holidays.” Especially Super Bowl Sunday, which has timing that coincides with the end of “dry January” and 30-day detox diets like Whole30.


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February is a great month to wear red yoga pants! (Racquels from Splits59)

DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

What's hot this week in the fitness world. Equinox Yoga Strong Class Review (Popsugar) - Do you like yoga? Do you like strength training? Do you want to combine both classes in ONE workout? Then try Equinox’s yoga strong.  Get your dance party on for this Super Bowl either before…

lower back
Photo by julien Tromeur

Build your back better: How to get rid of back pain

We’ve got your back! Let us help you lighten the load a bit. Back pain is something that most of us have experienced and it can really put a damper on your quality of life. From an evolutionary standpoint, where we had no choice but to be actively on our feet (otherwise we would die) until the recent technology age and age of the iHunch, we humans are finding ourselves being ourselves more and more curled and hunched over. It is causing some serious and tragic problems on a micro and macro scale. Here we answer common questons, like what are some common causes of back pain for professional workers, do’s and dont’s to manage and prevent pain, and whether to see an ortho, PT, or chiropractor!


black and red stationary bikes
You may be super happy on your Peloton, but if you learn for the energy of a live class, this is your guide. Photo by David Marioni

How to work out again in real life

Wow, what an incredibly challenging couple of years we have all had! We all deserve to have an honorary star and pat on the back for our collective resilience, strength, and endurance. Maybe it is the eternal optimist in me, but I really do feel that things are going to get better for us all and that we should all strive to continue to lead sustainable, healthy, and happy lives. 


white cat sleeps under white comforter
Weighted blankets can have you sleeping like a purring cat. Photo by Kate Stone Matheson

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

If you are new to DAOFitLife, the weekly hot list is a collection of hot finds in all things fitness - from food to fashion to wellness. Here's what is hot in 2022: Sleep to shine- More and more experts agree that good quality sleep is the key to protecting…

2 women in yellow and black bikini sitting on beach during daytime
Accountability is key. So is buying super cute workout clothes (although, they do not have to match!) Photo by Boxed Water Is Better

How to keep your COVID fitness routine going – or starting

By Neda Khalili (Certified NASM Trainer) and Lili Kazemi When will this all end? How will we ever get back to normal…. What is normal?! I definitely do not have the answers to these questions, however, I do know that taking charge of our health is the one thing we…

sauteed dish served on plate
A nice hot stew can keep you going through the week. You can make it in an Instant pot, Tagine, or Wok! Photo by Louis Hansel

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

Here are the hot links of the week! Nutrition Are you on the go in the morning, but not that hungry? A lot of people don't have early morning appetities, but need some kind of nutrition to get through to lunch. Most of us opt for a cup or two…

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It's ON - best deals for fitness gear and more for you right here. Photo by Tamanna Rumee


You know you will be shopping this weekend! Scrolling through Amazon while the game is on, or during that car or train ride. Well you are in luck. It is the PERFECT time to stock up on fitness gear! Check out this Self article for the top buys. Not to mention,…

women's black elbow-sleeved blouse
We can work anytime, anywhere but that does not mean that we should! A bad posture like this is a recipe for pain and disaster. Photo by Christina @

Posture is the new Prada

And "tech neck" is the new pandemic. Posture affects everything and goes so much by the wayside; especially when we have all of these different forms of fitness and we just ‘do’ the work when potentially there could be an injury in the tandem with our tech neck workdays….eek!…


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