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February is a great month to wear red yoga pants! (Racquels from Splits59)

DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

What’s hot this week in the fitness world.

Equinox Yoga Strong Class Review (Popsugar) – Do you like yoga? Do you like strength training? Do you want to combine both classes in ONE workout? Then try Equinox’s yoga strong. 

Get your dance party on for this Super Bowl either before the game or at halftime with this Dance cardio workout by Megan Kong!You don’t have to life football to participate – it’s also just a fun weekend activity for when it is WAY to cold outside. 

You can do this simple 10-minute ab workout while you listen to NPR in the morning: (and you can find it on our DFL YouTube Channel under the workouts playlist). I do this every other morning and it’s actually helps wake me up, too.

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As many of you know, I LOVE marshmallows. Especially in winter, the childhood nostalgia of fluffernutter sandwiches and hot chocolate beckons during the coldness. So I was so HAPPY to discover that Walden Farms makes Marshmallow Fluff (see picture) that you can enjoy in sandwiches, with berries, and on top of hot chocolate of course!

Walden Farms also makes a mean low-sugar Pancake Syrup. Talk about returning to your childhood!

I love this! A healthy lifestyle is all about being NEAT! This is a great site to turn to see how you can keep things moving or to see how you might be getting your exercise on and you may not even know it! 40 different ways to think about it! (NerdFitness)

Spark! Workout Ideas during the Superbowl. Some of these are hilarious suggestions and others are more useful! Mix and Match exercises to your suiting. (Spark) 

This is such a great resource to keep your Dry January going  after January coming from people with real, unfiltered empathy. (Alcohol Change Organization) 

February is all about pink and red. I love both and something about working out in red gives me more energy! I have these and I swear to you that they are like magic feel-good pants! (Lululemon) 

Mistakes are a part of life but this has some pretty interesting findings. Meditation really does make everything better! (Michigan State University/Science Daily) 

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