white cat sleeps under white comforter
Weighted blankets can have you sleeping like a purring cat. Photo by Kate Stone Matheson

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

If you are new to DAOFitLife, the weekly hot list is a collection of hot finds in all things fitness – from food to fashion to wellness.

Here’s what is hot in 2022:

Sleep to shine- More and more experts agree that good quality sleep is the key to protecting the immune system and weight maintenanc.e One of the best discoveries I have made for a good night’s sleep is a weighted blanket. You can buy one at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I have seen these at Costco as well. Weighted blankets have been shown to calm the nervous system, release anxiety, provide a sense of security, and increase your happiness hormones during sleep. Sleeping with a weighted blanket has been a game changer for me. I fall asleep within minutes and stay in a deep sleep, and I wake up feeling rested. They also have a cooling effect, so even in the summer it is a good choice. I put my weighted blanket on top of my comforter in the winter so I still feel warm. It is pure bliss. We need all the help with better sleep especially in the winter, where there is less natural light and drier air that can impact our respiratory system.

Bitches Who Brunch, When I first started reading the blog “Bitches Who Brunch,” it was much smaller, only focusing on DC and NYC brunch and bar spots. Over the past few years, with D.C. food scene bursting like none-other, this blog is still a wonderful and hilarious source to get the scoop on different brunch spots but really everywhere (with focuses on different parts of the country and world), including cool events, different exhibitions, and the fitness scene! 

Make almonds fun again – almonds are good for you, but face it can be a little boring. Enter some awesome flavors from Blue Diamond – smokehouse, wasabi soy, sweet thai chile, and my FAVE honey habanero. It’s like eating honey barbeque fritos except healthy! If you can’t decide then order the variety back from Amazon:) 

Low carb sugar free marshmallows – can you believe CVS of all places has this bundle of joy? Marshmallows evoke a special nostalgia that makes them my go-to comfort food. It reminds me of being a kid and making marshmallow snowmen. But not so healthy, no. Until now! Max Mallows have coconut and MCT oil and you can have 10 of them for less than 80 calories! Pair this with some dark chocolate and Almond flour crackers and you have a healthy S’MORE! 

*SIDE NOTE: CVS has really upped their wellness food market game. Check out one of the aisles near the main grocery aisle and it’s stocked with healthy snacks! 

Chair yoga – At first, I saw my mom doing these almost-nothing-looking-exercises seated from PBS. I then joined her and was surprised how great I felt after a 25 minute seated yoga session and now I’m hooked! Happy Chair Yoga with Sara Starr will definitely help your spine feel cushy and her voice is like relaxation in and of itself. And you can even do a lot of the moves while you are on calls because they are from the neck down.

New Fitness apps: Heck yea I’m discovering some new moves, with the help of 20 Free Fitness Apps! I use Nike Training Club and MapMyRun already and I am quite the fan, though there are so many interesting apps here who knows what there is to discover! 

New year, new workout clothes for you – I am obsessed with the shiny and badass gear from Koral. I just got their lead-colored pants and waist pack (it’s this awesome charcoal shade that goes with every skin tone). It’s 25% off orders for signing up! 

Galaxy modeling her new sweater from Maxbone.

Dog apparel – Hot apparel is not just for you. Galaxy is modeling a sweater from Maxbone, which is a wellness and stylish clothing site for your beloved furbabes. You can also find supplements that are disguised as “flavored toppers” for dogs that are fussy about dry food.

Rest in Peace and Power to Legend Betty White. She was a true trailblazer and had the most infectious positivity and I feel that she was a friend to all of us (furbabies are included in this one- and big time). Her candid thoughts on life, aging, empathy, and kindness will surely put a smile to your face- here are 88 of them! Also, the best lines from Rose Nylund, AKA Betty White on the Golden Girls, will give you a laugh.

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