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Mushrooms are a great source of antioxidants - and now you can get them as coffee AND jerky!

DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist

What’s hot in fitness this week. By Lili Kazemi and Neda Khalili, certified NASM trainer.

I am obsessed with my peanut (not the edible kind)! I got one of these to smooth out the knots (especially when I am feeling lazy- it does the work for me 😉 ). It is an awesome accoutrement to have desk-side! 

As a runner, Neda recommends considering walking backwards to activate glutes and hamstrings and naturally releases tight quads. As a former track and field star, you should trust her. Even though she no longer competes, she still enjoys reaping the benefits but safely, at my own pace! 

Take some ‘shrooms! No, not that kind. Mind and Body Mushroom Blend Capsules, that is! The power of the mushroom is incredible and has many benefits from reducing free radical formation in the body, being an adaptogenic stress reliever, keeping our immune systems strong, to even helping us focus! This supplement combines the benefits of 6 different types for a one stop shop!  

Speaking of mushrooms— coffee! Mushroom coffee (which tastes like actual coffee, not earth) is a great way to have a supercharged coffee with all of the benefits of Chaga and Lions Mane mushrooms extracts so you will not have to reach for that 3pm ‘cuppa. 

Do you have a random bag (or two) of spinach that you have to use ASAP or have to throw out? That always happens to me, and it is unthinkable to waste this superfood, especially when the amount of food we waste is both a climate and sociological issue – we waste up to 40% of food!. Try one of these 95 recipes, which also can accomodate any lonely about to be expired green, like kale or chard! I am so kicking it with the lo mein one, and will be subbing in shirataki noodles. In case you haven’t discovered these, they basically have no calories and a ton of fiber, and once rinsed and cooked it’s like nom nom noodles to your heart’s content!! You can also throw in any other veggies you neeed to use ASAP, like bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli, whatever. This is an excellent “kitchen sink meal,” which is part my strategy in my Little Black Dress planning guide.

green and brown vegetable on white ceramic bowl
A warm bowl of spicy noodles is the ultimate winter blues cure and a great “kitchen sink” meal. Photo by Adam D.

Moku. In another mushroom-related surprising twist of something unconventional, a great snack to reach for is mushroom jerky. It is quick, at hand, all natural (!!), and gives you that filling umami flavor when you might have previously wanted to go grab a bag of chips. The great thing about it is that it too has all of the previous aforementioned health benefits and is super nutritionally dense and carries 9 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein per serving! Bon Appetit!  

Yuni Beauty Natural Healthy Essentials. People are slowly tip-toeing themselves back into the gym (and we all know that this time fitspo’ is not part of the hesitation). Hygiene and sanitation should have always been a thing around gyms but it holds the most primary importance now. I love this cute carry-all kit with all of my sanitizer needs right at literal hand!

topless man using rowing machine
Photo by Victor Freitas

I love the inverted row! And so do Neca’s clients (after the session,though). It is a great way to turn on the whole backside of body in full alignment and how to squeeze your shoulder blades together without them riding towards your ears. It is also fun because of its off-set positioning. Here is a guide to safely getting started with them and here is a way you can do them at home with chairs and broom/pvc pipe lying around. Also, rowing classes are the hot new trend of 2022 – check out a local studio or gym class near you, incluidng Orange theory (which I have posted about here) and Row House, or Equinox’s Ropes and Rowers.

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