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Water - why it is so important, how to drink more. Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

Do you know if you are actually dehydrated? This article explains the tetlltale signs. Hint: you should always drink BEFORE you get thirsty. If you are even five percent underhydrated, you experience the symptoms including fatigue and headache.

Considering hydrating with a zero sugar hydraftion drink? Read this before you do.

Here are some ways you can make regular water more interesting and therefore drink more of it!

An awesome water combo I recommend is one teaspoon of chia seeds, water, and Persian rosewater. The combination comes out like a Bubble Tea but at only about 20 calories for 16 ounces of water. The texture and the slightly sweet taste make water easy to guzzle down. Chia seeds are great if you are trying to lose weight as they are packed with fiber, healthy fats and natural protein.

red cherries on clear glass bowl
Photo by Milada Vigerova

Speaking of Chia, here is a great chia seed pudding recipe from a chia devoted blog. Only four ingredients – the wonders of expanding Chia seeds never cease.

Check out this no-equipment shadowboxing workout, which is featured on my DAOFitLife cardio playlist on the YouTube Channel (don’t forget to like and subscribe!).

Do you want to know how to handle well-being shaming at work? Then listen to this podcast (courtesy of my good friend Laurel)

Credit card fraud scams are on the rise and the attackers are even simulating a “this call with be recorded for training purpose” recording. Once they “verify” your information, they then defraud you. What has the world come to? Here are two quick tips to follow and to pass on to more vulnerable family members (aging parents, college kids): 1) Never pick up if you do not recognize the number; 2) If you do get any type of call like this, then politely tell the caller that you will call the company/bank back yourself and use the number listed on the website 

Are you curious about the Lumen device you keep seeing on Insta? This article from Inside hook has a good thorough review. Does anyone notice the connection between Lumen and the company’s neame in the Apple show Severance? My alternative suggestion? I agree with the article, try intuitive eating first.

MUD\WTR – Read the review of the “water” that is a coffee substitute, if you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake. It may not be for you if you read some of these Amazon reviews (if you like the taste of “tree bark”…). Most of the positive reviews seem to also incorporate significant additives, like honey and milk (which can basically make anything taste good.). If you are into mushroom tea or coffee, this may be for you, but if you have tried those products and find them too “earthy,” then you may want to pass on this. I am slowly trying to phase out coffee with green tea, so will definitely write a blog post about coffee substitutes (please tell me if that interests you).

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