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It's what you dip the veggies in that you have to watch out for. But you can still have fun dips with the DAOFitLife condiment guide! Photo by Claudio Schwarz

How to make condiment substitutions and keep the taste

Condiments may not seem like a big factor, but think of it like a debt. It’s not the principal (the meal) that can drive you deep in debt all of a sudden. You know that amount. It’s the late fees (and the late fees on the late fees) and the interest (and the interest on the interest). So while we could be eating all the “right” foods you may not be seeing results because of this saboteur. The devil, as always, is in the details. Fortunately, readers, I have

I cannot live a life without sauce. That’s just torture. Yet it does not have to be so “costly” to put toppings on our food. Below is a list of common condiment calorie-boms and substitutions. I also cover these in my 3rd DAOFitLive event (you can skip to Chapter 1 on conidements).

Common calorie-dense condiments and substution options

Common condimentHealthier Substitution
KetchupSalsa, hot sauce
Standard veggie dipHummus, greek yogurt
Cream cheese or sour creamLabneh (Meditteranean soft cheese)
Soy SauceTamari Sauce
Barbeque sauceDijon or honey mustard
SrirachaChalula or habanero
Olive oilVegetable broth
Cooking wineRice wine
Half and halfAlmond or coconut milk
PestoGarlic paste
MayoGuacamole spread or fresh avocado

Other info about condiments from DAOFitLife

Here are my previous posst with more detail about conidements that you can look into. First, I uncover the truth about the “calroiebombs” then in the seocnd post I list the top 10 calorie-friendly nutritious condiments I like. Finally I wrap it up with low-calorie salad dressing options.

Watch out for cooking oils, common dips and other condiment caloriebombs that can ruin a well-intentioned plan for revamping your diet.

This is my post on the top 10 calorie-friendly condiments

Here is your complete guide to salad dreessings – both at-home preparaion and store bought.


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