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A nice hot stew can keep you going through the week. You can make it in an Instant pot, Tagine, or Wok! Photo by Louis Hansel

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hot List

Here are the hot links of the week!


Are you on the go in the morning, but not that hungry? A lot of people don’t have early morning appetities, but need some kind of nutrition to get through to lunch. Most of us opt for a cup or two of coffee, but did you KNOW that you can actually get coffee infused with protein? Try these protein coffee shakes from CHIKE (it even comes with a blender bottle) and it has almost no sugar! I am stoked to try the mocha flavor but if you cannot decide, you can get the sampler pack!

Summer is an easy time for fruit – fruit salads, smoothies, and parfaits are such yummy cool down snacks, BUT come winter and fruit is a little MEH. I have been working on some ideas to get more fruit into my diet, and I have found some good ways to combine warm with the cool so that fruit is more like a topping on a heated dish:

  • Baby Lettuces with Strawberries, Feta, and Almonds The importance of fruit in the winter time and especially nowadays with our immune systems on constant defense can’t be understated! Fruit doesn’t just have to be for the summertime, dessert, or the ultimate ‘fast food’ snack… you can enjoy them in your salads. They add that burst of surprising flavor and nutrients galore. This salad sounds like the perfect balance of sweet and savory, creamy and crunchy! (Food and Wine). I will make a recipe like this and then add hot quinoa, black rice, or sweet potato to give it that winter warmness. You can also toast the almonds for a few minutes in an air fryer or oven to make it extra savory. For this type of salad, I discovered this Blush Wine Homestyle vinaigrette by Brianna’s. This goes perfectly with berry-topped salads and makes it almost like a dessert. You can even eat it on top of warm berries and it caramelizes like a dessert. At only 100 calories for two tablespoons, you can be generour with the serving and still have a salad that is only about 300 calories. My body literally craves salads knowing that I have it on hand! (Amazon)
  • If you are looking for more inspiration for your sweet and savory salads for your winter time eats, look no further because here are 19 of ‘em! (Love and Lemons)
  • Vitamin C is not just good for ingestion. New study findings on the importance of topical vitamin C and their combat against free radical give you a reason to head to Sephora, ASAP. One of my favorite products that is also economical is Josie Maran’s Vitamin C with Argan oil – especially in the winter, it really hydrates. . Peer reviewed backed skin health is something I can definitely get behind! (Harvard Health publishing )
  • This is the season for stews. The hubs and I have struck gold on meal prep – on Sunday, we make a huge stew. He travels a few days of tghe week, so the nights we are together we warm up a portion on the stove if we have the patience, or nuking will do just fine. Here are some great recipes for healthy, low-fat, vegan stews. You can always add ground turkey, chicken, or beef if you want to protein it up, or even groun impossible burger, which we recently discovered at Trader Joe’s and love.
  • Vitamin b-12 is a vital nutrient for your nervous system. Those who don’t eat meat or eat too much may sometimes be at risk for deficiencies in Vitamin b12. When your body’s stores of it runs empty, you will verrrryyyyy lethargic! Personally, I love taking a tablet as they feel like a natural cuppa and these are pretty yummy! (Walgreens)
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Photo by Maddi Bazzocco

Stay WARM!

Do you just love a cuppa of hot chocolate! Well now you can enjoy it guilt free – try Lankato’s Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate made with Monk Fruit which does not alter the glycemic index. This compares well to the average at about 300-400 kcal a cup.

I am all about that staying warm-and-cozy life when the mercury drops! Staying toasty and comfortable keeps me motivated to get my day going when I am home :)! And Lavendar added?! Talk about feeling zen through the holiday season! (Warmies) 

smiling woman holding dumbbell while sitting
Goblet squats are an excellent way to build stronger hips and glutes for runers. Photo by Sergio Pedemonte

Work it out

Someone alerted me to the 8Fit app, which has workouts, meals planning, and sleep meditations all in one! You can also track your workouts and your steps.

Powerful glutes not only strengthen the support for your spine and knees (and ankles) but also allow you to go faster! I am going to incorporate these 7 moves to fill my need for speed! (Active)

Do you need an awesome yoga mat? Look no further than Alo Yoga’s mat, which is also great for hot yoga and at-home workouts.

Here is why it is generally NOT a good idea to comment on someone’s weight changes, by Vogue Magazine.

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