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It's ON - best deals for fitness gear and more for you right here. Photo by Tamanna Rumee


You know you will be shopping this weekend! Scrolling through Amazon while the game is on, or during that car or train ride. Well you are in luck. It is the PERFECT time to stock up on fitness gear! Check out this Self article for the top buys.

Not to mention, athleisure sales are on FIRE. Koral, and Alo yoga are having crazy amazing deals. Plus if you sign onto newsletters for the first time you get extra discounts, and a lot of the sellers are having clearance sales as well. Not to menton with Alo, you get a free tote bag and 30 days of their Yoga App (which is awesome, I reviewed it here on my best yoga apps post).

If you need a new gym duffel bag, Under Armor gym duffel bags are on sale now!

Get that extra energy buzz

Managing Your Mind: 3 Mental Mantras For Top Performers (LinkedIn) 

Objective – Wide Awake supplements (substitute for coffee) (Objective Wellness)

Get that extra moisture for that dry winter skin and keep hands warm

 Jumby Beauty’s great big hug lip balm (Jumby Beauty)

La Roche Posay Lipikar cream (for dry skin) (Amazon)

I got these recently and they are wonderful BUT have no dexterity at all when switching from song to song! So these digits from North Face might just do the trick… (North Face)

Other tips and sundries

  • 5 minutes a day is nothing too crazy to commit to for getting your stretch on! Who doesn’t like the feeling of nice and mobile?! I’m in… (HealthLine) 
  • I love trying something new and making those small muscles (that I didn’t know I have) burnnn for me! This definitely sounds like a fun way to mix it up! (The Cut
  • I have always been a big fan of cinnamon and last year when I was struggling with chronic sinusitis, I found that it helped out a lot! Upon reading about it, it is imperative to only go for the good stuff with this recipe! Burlap and Barrel’s cinnamon tastes like it’s spiked with sugar but it is all natural! (AddJoy)
  • Carli Llyod is such a beast and her work ethic is incredible and inspiring. She has a realness to her that makes you want to get after it after reading this article! (Elle) 

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