The DAO guide to what to get at Safeway and Costco.

Costco and Safeway shopping lists

The finds you can find when you go to the larger grocery and wholesale stores can change your whole nutrition game. You know how in my Little Black Dress post I talk about having staples that are always around and available for a quick prep. Also, there are lots of…


Trader Joe’s Shopping List

In order to survive a professional career and be domestic, I have become a “Trader Joe’s chef”. Which means, I buy stuff at Trader Joe’s that I can throw together in rando combinations and somehow make it delish. It’s a skill I developed after years of shopping at the Trader Joe’s in my neighborhood (the West End, in Washington, DC) on Friday nights when I was single. I’d leave work around 7 or 8pm (#consulting life) and take advantage of the fact that the Trader Joe’s would be empty so that I could do my shopping and explore the aisles with no lines. Week after week spent poring over ingredients and chatting with the staff who knew me on a first name basis resulted in building up a repertoie of Trader Joe’s meals to put on my menu.



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