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A year ago in April 2023, I published my first book, "Business Class Fitness: Eating & Exercise Strategies for Women who Hustle." After seeing virtually nothing on the market that specifically addressed fitness for people who are busy professionals, I decided it was time to channel all of the knowledge I have gained throughout the 20 years of experience I have had in this area into a practical reference guide.

"Business Class Fitness" provides a sustainable solution that helps you prioritize fitness around your busy schedule, rather than the other way around. It is based on the "Decision.Action.Outlook" philosophy of my website, DAOFitLife. Finally, there is a comprehensive resource for busy people who want to be fit, but don't have time to figure it out.

This book offers easy-to-adapt templates for planning meals, workouts, and grocery lists, as well as healthy ordering recommendations for restaurants, food delivery services, common food and coffee chains, even room service at hotels. It breaks down tracking food and macros in plain English, exposes popular fitness myths, explains common fitness jargon, and provides tips and tricks to stay active even if you don't have time for structured workouts. The book also navigates common roadblocks you have no doubt encountered: stress eating, sitting at a desk job all day, vacations, business travel, misleading food labeling, and finally, getting in your own way with negative, distracting thoughts. Each chapter has references with QR code to my blog for easy access to further reading.

You won't just get the physique you settle for - you will get the energy, mental clarity, and confidence that you deserve. Confidence to make you better in every area of your life, including your career.

In honor of this one-year anniversary milestone, I am making the first 150 pages of the book available for your complimentary reading. This way, you can see the organization of the entire reference guide, and decide if you want more, to purchase a copy.


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