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We all know Easter eggs aren't just for kids! I plan to sugar detox during week 8. Photo by Tim Gouw

Week 8 – DAOFitlife Meal and Exercise Plan

Note: Please consult a physician before pursuit of any exercise or meal plan. This is solely intended as a meal and exercise diary, and is not prescriptive.

T-1 month until I am a bridesmaid in a wedding. This is mainly post-Easter remorse, but I am doing a sugar detox – so very much focusing on eating more healthy fats, proteins and vegetables. Eating a breakfast with a good amount of healthy fat definitely sets me up for success. And, I have a whole article for you to read about why fat is essential for a fit body and mind.

DAOFitlife Meal Plan – Week 8

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DAOFitlife Exercise Plan – Week 8

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Exercise plan

I continue to do the SomerFIt exercise plan on Fitplan (you can find her shop and social media here – she does have cute clothes). I admire that she has a strong yet feminine body, and I believe that when you visualize your ideal body type for yourself you should find a workout regime from someone – whether a live or virtual trainer – who embodies your goals. Not to become them, because you can only be the best version of yourself. But you have to think, is the self I want musculer and lean? Curvy? How do you feel, or would you feel at your best? This is why I encourage in finidng your “why”to be inspired by a picture of yourself when you looked and felt at your best. For me, I feel at my best in the following picture:

Move of the week:

Stiff lead deadlift – you can do this with weights, or a large kettlebell, or a barbell for when you go back to the gym. You don’t even need that heavy of weights to get that nice stretch down your neck and back. Try to incorporate into your weight routine at least 2 times per week.

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