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Galaxy loves tasty snacks! Here are some faves.

DAOFitLife Weekly Update – August 4

Here is my weekly roundup of fitness and food faves.


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Work out like a Gymnast

I was obsessed with gymnastics from a young age. I even enrolled in pre-teen gymnastics at a training center in Virginia Beach called Gymstrada, which has trained world champions I later watched on television.

Gymnastics is the ultimate PSA for proof that bodyweight training is all you need to build lean muscle and a strong core. Which led me to be curious, are there any gymnast workouts we can try? 

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Not only YES, but YES, QUEEN, there is a whole channel by Shannon Miller, one of the greats along with Kim Zmeskal that I was glued to watching during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. If you were not yet born, here is her Wiki page She has gymnast skill building workouts, like this one on the balance beam. Just to get a sense of how wicked hard gymnastics is, just try the pivot turn warmup move using an imaginary beam – it takes a lot of balance and focus just to do it on the ground! 

In addition to gymnast-oriented tips, she also has a series of 10 minute workout videos (you can find the playlist on the DAOFitlLife Playlist)  focused on developing your core, your legs, and arms. What I like about these (besides that they are short)  is that she teaches it in a coaching style, but not overly peppy or aggressively/I just did her Workout like a Gymnast Workout  this morning and she has all of the angled leg lift work down for those of you (who are like me) that are really unmotivated to do leg work. These are easy to squeeze in between calls or right after a cardio workout. It is quite the inspiring time to try something new, definitely keep your body guessing, and maybe even add some new things to your own movement repertoire. 

Food finds

One of my go to favorite salty snacks is Chips and Salsa. I would not mind getting more protein and less fat out of my chip, though, which is why I love Quest’s Protein Chips. My favorite flavor is the Tortilla style Nacho Flavor, but there are also good options like BBQ, Chili Lime, Nacho Cheese, and Sour Cream. Only 140 calories and 4 grams of fat for a generous serving bag, with at least 15g protein!

One recent great discovery I found for that summer cold treat craving is Chloe’s Fruit Pop popsicles. They have very little added sugar, and the watermelon one is even sweetened with Agave nectar. Besides Watermelon, there is Mango, Dark Chocolate, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Lime. Each pop has only 60 calories and very little added sugar.

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