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Healthy food swaps for high calorie foods

We have all been the person aimlessly pushing a cart through the grocery store, staring at the fridge, or pantry surfing. On the hunt for healthy food that does not taste like grass. Is that too much to ask?! NO.

In a world filled with tempting high-calorie foods, making healthier choices can be a game-changer for your fitness journey. I recently covered these in a YouTube video, but have some bonus recommendations in this article, so read on. The key to this is – you can have the foods you like and still feel satisfied. You just have to know what makes a food high calorie but not satisfying, versus low calorie but highly satisfying. And it is as easy as substitute, substitute, substitute!

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Here is a summary of swaps I recommend in my video:

Cereal Swap:

  • Let’s start with breakfast and address the common culprit—cereal. Instead of traditional sugary options, consider Catalina Crunch. With 11 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of fat, this cereal keeps you full and satisfied. A mere half-cup of Catalina Crunch clocks in at 110 calories, offering a delicious and nutritious alternative to conventional cereals.

Bagel Upgrade:

  • Love bagels? Discover the Better Bagel—a low-carb version with only 160 calories per bagel. Packed with 25 grams of protein and maintaining the bagel taste, it’s a guilt-free option to keep you satiated throughout the morning.

Protein-Packed Chips:

  • For those midday cravings, satisfy your love for chips with Legendary protein chips from GNC. With 150 calories, 6 grams of fat, and a whopping 20 grams of protein per bag, these chips satisfy the crunch craving without the guilt. Paired with a low-calorie dip, it’s a satisfying and healthier snack.

Sweet Treats After Dinner:

  • After a long day, the craving for something sweet can be hard to resist. Instead of traditional high-calorie ice cream, consider flavored, low or no-sugar Greek yogurt, particularly my favorite is Chobhani zero. At only 70 calories for three-fourths of a cup, it’s a delightful dessert alternative. Enhance it with a touch of whipped cream for added flavor.

Popsicle Pleasures:

  • I love something sweet after dinner, but one of the worst times to eat something sweet is indeed at night. There is a great discovery I have made – sugar free popsicles!. At a mere 15 calories per popsicle, these icy delights take time to savor, helping curb the sweet tooth without the excess calories. With water as the primary ingredient, they contribute to the feeling of fullness.

Other condiment and food swaps 

One of my favorite channels to follow is April Whitney, who dedicates her channel to weight loss for petite women (5’4 and under). Given that I missed this cut off by an inch and a half, I thought why not listen to what she has to say. Find out that lots of it is applicable to the smalls and big and tall! Here are some highlights of what she says about food swaps. She has other recommendations for making switches in workouts to build muscle 

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  1. PB 2 for Peanut butter – Peanut butter is actually not a great source of protein. It has a lot of fat (18g) just for one serving, and rarely do you get much flavor for that much especially in your smoothie
  2. Bragg’s oil free dressing for regular salad dressing 
  3. Regular bread for Ezekiel or Dave’s bread 
  4. Muesli for Granola – Muesli is mostly oats, whereas granola is a lot of refined sugar
  5. Fresh fruit for dried fruit – Dried fruit, including cranberries, raisins, and mango, adds a lot of sugar on top to preserve the flavor. Just eat the fruit. 


In the quest to simplify fitness for busy professionals, these five substitutes provide a roadmap to enjoying your favorite foods without compromising your health goals. For more fitness tips tailored to hectic schedules, check out content on the YouTube channel. Remember, it’s not about giving up what you love but making smarter choices to stay fit, healthy, and fabulous.

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