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Kick Any Craving With These Healthy Food Swaps

This doesn’t have to be a white knuckling game of willpower though. Here are some satisfying alternatives that won’t compromise your commitment to a balanced lifestyle. 

Whether it’s a sweet tooth calling or a hankering for something savory, these healthy swaps will help you kick any craving to the curb.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

  • Apple Pie Craving: Baked Apples
    • Healthy Swap: Dice an apple, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and sauté it in a nonstick pan until soft. The warm, spiced apples provide the same comforting flavors as apple pie without the added sugars and unhealthy fats.
  • Cookie Craving: Make your Own
    • Healthy Swap: Create guilt-free cookies by mashing together 1/2 cup rolled oats, one overripe banana, and a dash of cinnamon. Scoop the mixture onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes. These naturally sweet treats offer a delightful crunch without the processed sugars found in traditional cookies.
    • OR if you are too lazy to bake try Catalina Crunch Cookies
  • Cheesecake Craving: Greek Yogurt and Cheesecake Pudding mix
    • Healthy Swap: Whip up a Greek yogurt cheesecake using sugar-free Jello pudding mix. The creamy texture and rich flavor will satisfy your cheesecake cravings without the excess calories and sugars.
  • Chocolate Pudding Craving: Chocolate protein powder
    • Healthy Swap: Mix your choice of milk (dairy or plant-based), cocoa powder, protein powder, and high-protein nut butter for a nutritious chocolate pudding alternative.
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Satisfy Your Savory Cravings

  • Chips and Dip Craving: Veggies and dip
    • Healthy Swap: Slice up crunchy vegetables and pair them with a Greek yogurt-based dip with herbs, offering a nutritious alternative to traditional high-calorie chips and dip.
  • Pasta Craving: Pasta alternatives
    • Healthy Swap: Heart of Palm pasta, which Trader Joe’s sells, or Shirataki Noodles, which you can buy in many whole foods stores. Essentially the whole packet can be eaten for just 10-20 calories, and it has plenty of fiber to keep you full.
  • Pizza Craving: Cauliflower crust pizza
    • Healthy Swap: Make a cauliflower crust pizza with your favorite veggies and lean protein. This gluten-free alternative is lower in carbs and calories compared to traditional pizza crusts.
    • Or buy a frozen one from Caulipower
  • French Fries Craving: Sweet potato fries
    • Healthy Swap: Bake sweet potato fries with a dash of olive oil and your favorite herbs for a nutrient-rich alternative to traditional deep-fried potatoes.
    • BEWARE of ordering the restaurant version, they usually deep fry them in the same oil so you might as well get the real ones:)
  • Crunchy Cravings – Nuts and Seeds
    • Healthy Swap: Snack on a mix of nuts, seeds, and toasted chickpeas for a satisfying and crunchy alternative.
  • Salty Food Craving – Pickles
    • Healthy Swap: Munch on pickles for a low-calorie, crunchy, and salty snack.
  • Nachos Craving – Whole Grain Corn Chips with Salsa
    • Healthy Swap: Enjoy whole grain corn chips with salsa for a flavorful and lighter alternative to traditional nachos.
  • Movie Theater Popcorn Craving: Air popped popcorn
    • Healthy Swap: Air-pop popcorn and sprinkle it with your favorite seasonings for a guilt-free movie night snack.
  • Gummy Candy Craving: Berries
    • Healthy Swap: Opt for fresh berries to satisfy your sweet tooth without the added sugars.
  • Soda Craving: Flavored sparkling water
    • Healthy Swap: Choose flavored sparkling water for a refreshing alternative to sugary sodas.
  • Chocolate Craving: Fresh fruit with dark chocolate
    • Healthy Swap: Dip fresh fruit in dark chocolate for a decadent yet nutritious treat.
    • Brookside is not a bad alternative choice
  • Candy Bar Craving: Dates
    • Healthy Swap: Indulge in dates drizzled with honey for a sweet and satisfying alternative to candy bars.
  • Wings Craving: Cauliflower bites and buffalo sauce
    • Healthy Swap: Enjoy cauliflower bites with buffalo sauce for a flavorful and vegetarian alternative to traditional wings.
  • Burger Craving: Animal Style (like In-n-Out
    • Healthy Swap: Opt for a turkey or game burger (like bison) with low-fat cheese and skip the bun for a leaner version of a classic.
  • Subway or Hoagie Craving: Turkey “tacos”
    • Healthy Swap: Wrap spinach and cheese in lean deli meat like turkey for a lighter and lower-carb alternative.


With these delicious and nutritious swaps, you can conquer any craving while staying on the path to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Embrace these choices, and watch as your cravings transform into tasty, guilt-free pleasures. Remember, a healthy diet is all about making mindful choices without sacrificing the joy of eating.

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