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The Best YouTube and Fitness Apps

As professionals on the go we often have to rely on the guidance of others to just be able to wake up and jump into a quick workout before we hit the shower and get ready to start the day. Or, we may be traveling and need something on the go when we do not have access to our home equipment or gym. Or it may be over 100 degrees outside and you need a good indoor workout in the comfort of your air conditioning and ability to be barefoot and in super comfy clothes.

Last year, I started a YouTube Channel and I realized this is a great way to curate and collect content just like I have been doing for the blog with all of the articles. I have made playlists for cardio, strength training, stretching and yoga. 

Check out each link, or scan the QR code to open it on your own device. 90 percent of the workouts are NO equipment. For those workouts that do

YouTube vs. Fitness Apps

One question might be – are YouTube videos better than apps? I definitely endorse apps, and have a Fitness App Decison Tree you can use to determine what is the best for you. But I also have an entire YouTube library and have experienced a lot of variety and additional benefits form having YouTube workout experiences. Here are some benefits of YouTube videos versus apps:

Can accumulate a variety of workoust and group in playlistsAllows customization of workouts
Most workouts are freeMost apps track your progress
Can play video while phone is in lock modeMore continuity in programs
Can access app via TV or computer easily Can synch with music playlists
Can access timed countdown intervals with no verbal guidance Many apps come with accompanying meal plans and workout calendar options

Fitness app decision tree:

DAOFitLife YouTube Channel:


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DAOFitLife Abs:

DAOFitLife Arms:

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DAOFitLife Cardio and HIIT:

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DAOFitLife Back

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DAOFitLife 10-minute workouts

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DAOFitLife Legs:

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DAOFitLife Glutes: 

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