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The DAOFitLife Hot List – What’s Trending in Wellness

This week in the DAOFitLife Hot list, we look at how to get rid of neck lines, grow your hair, and shed your skinny fat and dad bod.

Grow your hair

You may be noticing that clump of hair in your hairbrush or coming out in the shower. First of all, it is normal to lose about 100 strands of hair a day. It’s healthy, like losing dead skin cells. But if you are worried about thinning hair, which comes with aging, pregnancy, or even stress, this article has several products that can help you boost the collagen in your hair both topically and orally.

Neck lines

If you are starting to or have been worried about the dreaded neck “necklace lines,” this dermatologist explains little ways you can get rid of them without a neck lift.

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The latest wellness powder

According to this mom influencer on Pop Sugar Fitness, the “broc shot” gave her pep back in her step after having cancer. Not gonna lie, I am ordering one from the website.

Can you beat “skinny fat”

Do you know what it is? If not, check out this article and see what you can do to go from looking good in clothes to looking good without them.

Especially if you are shorter:

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Don’t worry, men, I have not forgotten about you. Here is Men’s Fitness advice on how to shed your Dad Bod:

Easy, fast snacks and breakfast

Protein muffins

30 easy breakfast ideas – including smoothies, egg-based recipes, and parfaits

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