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A good way to get HIIT: Sled push.

Week 13 – DAOFitlife Meal and Exercise Plan

This week I am focusing on split training that is the type of training where you focus on certain muscle groups at a time as opposed to doing full body strength training. The advantage of this type of training is also that it decreases the amount of total training time. So, for example, when you do a split with upper body lower body push and pull you can be in and out of the gym in about half an hour including the warm-up. And that makes things really efficient during work “busy seasons”, which we are all familiar. In my role, every day is busy season but right now there is a heightened energy and rush which is like running a daily marathon. I am sure you can relate!

We all get into fits of busyness where it doesn’t even seem that there is a second to breathe let alone work out. I have talked about this in one of my preivious post for finding time to work out. Just getting to the gym for half an hour makes it possible for me to harness that additional energy and strength that I got to power through the rest of the day. I am more efficient, I am more focused, and I am in a better state of mind. So view my exercise template for an example of the split training. I am following the work out plan design by Mike Matthews (insta handle here) who is one of my favorite Trainer grows to follow you can find these training plans at website name or you can buy them in his book thinner leaner stronger. I have included a copy of the tab from his training plan and my exercise template. Here are my working templates that you can download:

Customizable DAOFitlife Meal Plan and Grocery List Links– Week 13

DAOFitlife Exercise Plan – Week 13

Exercise Template Links

Move of the week: the Sled

The best ways to get HIIT for me are using some of the most interesting equipment in the gym, like the Sled. At the local Equinox there is a huge runway and a sled, where you can push it back and forth. I used to be able to make it six times without stopping, but this time I had to take breaks after two laps. I still made it though, and will continue to get stronger!

If you are still working out at home, you can easily replicate this by loading a lot of heavy objects in a cart and pushing it, or setting a treadmill at a high incline and doing some fast walking or running sprints.

Meal plan update

Regarding food strategy, I am going to have an interesting week because on Friday I will be meeting with a dietitian. This is something that I have recommended to my readers. While a lot of the methods for estimating calories and macros are a good back of the envelope place to start, ultimately a dietitian will give me the professional guidance and tweaking needed to achieve my goals. And my goal is to make sure I am eating enough nutrients and calories to support the demanding workouts and daily activities I am doing. A lot of what I write on this blog is based on advice I have gotten from dietitians, nutritionists, and trainers over the years, and while someof that advice can be generally applied, ultimately everyone has different body compositions and goals, so it is important to get that feedback for your own body and needs.

How do you find a dietitian? A lot of insurance plans cover these services, so you can search through your provider’s preferred/in-network providers. You can also get referrals from your GP or if you think you need a dietitian specialized in disordered eating, from your mental health care provider.

Next week, I will report back in an article next week about the experience and make any necessary adjustments to my current calorie and macro goals.

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