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Weekly roundup: Therapy in a nutshell, berry parfait

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DAO Yogurt parfait

Drizzle honey at the nottom of a glass, then cover with yogurt, mixed nuts and then add fruit on top!

A perfect parfait snack, or even for breakfast or a light lunch!

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I have been really into cognitive behavioral therapy. At first I pursued it as a way to help myself break out of negative thought patterns. The more I got into meditation, the more hyper aware I became of my thoughts and how much is influenced by the stories we tell ourselves. I started following the therapist Emma McAdam, on her channel Therapy in a Nutshell. Loved this video about how to combat therapy in a nutshell. First, I love this youtube channel which has really helpful videos using cognitive behavioral therapy. 

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What I love about this negative self-talk video, is how the therapist being interviewed takes you through the process of identifying the types of self-talk – labeling, fortune telling and mindreading, and then how to overcome these patterns. I find that labeling the thought is helpful, because that helps you catch it better. For example, I am a huge fortune teller. The queen of ‘what if….and what if….and then.’ The most helpful thought does not have special value just because it is the first one. It doesn’t make it any more correct. Challenging the thought by asking, “do I have any evidence that this is true?” usually confirms that I have no evidence except for my really random selection of hypothetical, unlikely events. 

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