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Equinox Workout Class Reviews

Starting this week, I am going to be keeping a log of all the workout classes I take and give reviews. This post is reserve for reviews of Equinox classes. Note that for the Equinox classes, you can also access them on the Equinox+ app (even if you don’t go to an Equinox, you can still access the app for forty dollars a month; if you do have a membership, it’s free! )

Equinox Athletic conditioning

Class name : Athletic conditioning

Description (on Equinox site): A full body workout using bodyweight and a variety of equipment. Improve your strength and cardiovascular endurance in this class, tailored for athletes and those who aspire.

Instructor: Lauren Buckner, of Body by Buckner (you can follow her on twitter or Instagram). She is a fellow #fitprofessional – a lawyer and Equinox instructor, plus she has her own fitness company. So inspiring!

Level of difficulty :8/10

Soreness : 7/10

Equipment: The equipment looked innocent enough . Just a medicine ball sliders and a couple of weights. The station came with 10 pounds but I upgraded to 15s so I could do drop sets.

Just a medicine ball, some weights and sliders can definitely make you sweat if you do the right moves

Class format: Warms up were with body weight movement like squats, lunges, and planks. Then we built up to high intensity circuit training, which included the following moves:

  • Single Kettlebell swings
  • Medicine ball lunge twists
  • Mountain climbers with sliders
  • Skaters
  • Squat shuffles with side dips
  • Burpees
  • Plank rows
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Sliders jacks
  • Tuck jumps
  • Plank weighted pull throws
  • Squats – med ball, burpees
  • Slow push ups
  • Bicep curl upper cut
  • Single arm front and lateral raises

We did 4 circuits with 4 moves each and repeated each one twice. We did each move for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest and then rested 90 seconds between sets.

Take this class if: You are ready to be out of breath and in full beast mode. It’s a mix of HIIT and weight lifting in each circuit, with very little rest.

The verdict: This is definitely going to be my once a week kick butt workout . I need someone to push me and not let me have too much hang time between circuits to get my heart rate up. Lauren is true to form and will not let you be lazy about squatting all the way down or having good form on a plank.

Equinox Body Sculpt

Class name: Body Sculpt

Description from Equinox app: An endurance based workout using high reps and light to medium weights. Build strength as you sculpt your entire body.

Instructor: Mike Gray

Level of difficulty: 5 /10

Soreness: 4 /10

Equipment: Light weights (5s and 10s)

Class format: After an aerobics-style warm-up, we started 3 circuits, with low-weight, high rep sets and compound movements. Compound movements are a term that describes using your upper and lower body at the same time. For example, these included:

  • Lunge and bicep curls
  • Squat and single arm back fly
  • Side lunges and lateral raises
  • Backward lunge and tricep kickbacks
  • Front raise with side leg raise
  • Pushup with leg crunch

We also did a variety of ab exercises at the end, including double leg crunches and double leg raises.

The verdict: This was true to form of being a sculpt class, with very little cardio. We were constantly moving but there was not any jumping or cardio bursts. This was like a barre or pilates class, but mostly standing. I enjoyed it because I rarely am able to focus on doing high rep low weight training unless specifically guided. While there is some dissonance as to whether high-rep, low weight or low-rep, high weight is better, for me I have found that mixing the two as opposed to doing only one or the other gets the best results. I topped off the class with 20 minutes of walking to burn a little extra calories and still felt energized and ready to take on Monday!

The equipment for Pilates Fusion, including an iO ball.

Equinox Pilates Fusion

Description from the EquinoxSeries of exercises performed on a mat to complement different elements of Pilates work focusing on core strengthening exercises and increasing flexibility.

Class length: 45 minutes


The first part of the class was core work, basically standard Pilates mat core work but also with some extra props like the iO ball (pictured above). There was also a weight routine using light weights. Because of the compound movements, my heart rate definitely elevated and I could feel the individual muscle groups we were working using the weights.

The second half of class was more pilates style mat work focusing on core strengthening and leg work. We transitioned from side leg work to standing leg and balance work, and then transitioned back to the floor to end class.


This is a great class for cross-training and concentrated work on your core and more accessory movements. It’s challenging but not agonizing, so you could definitely do it on days between endurance or weight training.

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