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Photo by Georgia de Lotz

The DAOFitLife Hotlist: Best Throwback Dance Videos

The 50th anniversary issue throwback theme continues! I was at the gym recently and was listening to “Footloose” – a song that gets me flying on the treadmill. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to see the music video while I listen to the song? And it was. So I set out to find the best dance music videos, or at least my top 5.

In case you want to access these on the Youtube app, you can just scan the QR code below and the whole playlist will pop up.

#1 Footloose (the Official Video).

OK, first of all Kevin Bacon. But second of all, why did they stop shooting music videos in abandoned industrial spaces? This is just mesmerizing movement and song.

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#2 Dirty Dancing – Time of My Life

RIP Patrick Swayze. RIP Jennfer Grey’s old nose. But this dance and the scenes from the movie – the way we want to remember romance.

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#3 – Pulp Fiction – Dance Scene

She was GOING to win that dance competition. This collection would not be complete without John Travolta. And how does Uma Thurman pull off being able to look so amazing in a white button down shirt???

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John Travolta’s dancing? Timeless. His face when she says they are going to dance? Priceless.

#4 Vogue

I mean come on. Like this wasn’t going to make the list. And the amazing thing is these people look Instagram filtered but they are really that stunning. (Madonna of course, but literally everyone else in that video).

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#5 Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson

Again, the industrial spaces rock. And so does the message about social justice in thie video. And I actually tried to do this choreography for a minute and was pouring sweat after 2 minutes, so this is an excellent song to get you through a HIIT workout.

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That military jacket is EVERYTHING>

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