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Sip, savor and stay skinny with this coffee creamer guide

For many, the comforting ritual of sipping a steaming cup of coffee is a cherished part of the day. However, concerns about weight gain often loom large, especially when considering the addition of creamy, flavorful coffee creamers. The good news is that with a mindful approach and a few clever techniques, it’s possible to enjoy the indulgence of coffee creamer without tipping the scales. In this article, I will give you specific recommendations and a great method to make sure no matter what you choose, you can sip and stay skinny! Thanks to my husband’s friend Chris H for inspiring this article!

Why not just drink black?

Because your face will probably go like this:

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AND if you are one of those potential psychopaths who drink black coffee, drinking black coffee stains teeth way more than creamed.

If you like black coffee, then you can skip right over this article, but if you need some whiteness to your coffee and don’t want to drink a candy bar, you are in the right place!

The 3M’s: Measure, Mix, Moderate Approach


The first step to enjoying your coffee creamer without worrying about weight gain is to measure your portions thoughtfully. Instead of simply pouring the creamer into your coffee cup, use tablespoons to dose out the desired amount. This precision helps you keep track of the calories you’re adding to your beverage. Most coffee creamers recommend a serving size on the label, usually around 1-2 tablespoons. Opt for measuring spoons or a kitchen scale to accurately portion out your creamer. By being aware of the portion size, you’re better equipped to manage the caloric intake while still indulging in that creamy coffee goodness.

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For those who enjoy their coffee on the creamy and foamy side, mixing in your creamer can be a game-changer. Instead of relying on manual stirring, invest in a mini blender or a frother. These handy devices can effortlessly emulsify the creamer into the coffee, creating a velvety texture and a frothy top. This technique not only enhances the taste and presentation of your coffee but also ensures an even distribution of the creamer throughout the cup. The uniform mixing allows you to use less creamer while still achieving the desired taste and texture, contributing to a more weight-conscious choice.


While the allure of a flavorful coffee experience is tempting, moderation is key when it comes to coffee creamer consumption. The calories in creamers can quickly add up, and excessive consumption can contribute to weight gain over time. To strike the right balance, limit the number of coffee drinks you have each day that include creamer. By savoring a well-measured, carefully mixed cup of coffee with creamer, you’ll appreciate the experience more while being mindful of your overall caloric intake. Consider incorporating days where you enjoy your coffee black or with a low-calorie alternative to further balance your choices.

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Low Sugar Options

Califia farms – has both no sugar and sugar free flavors. Also has oat milk flavored creamers, in fun flavors like cinnamon roll and campfire s’mores. Their almond milk has great seasonal flavors, like peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice. My favorite almond milk creamer they have is cookie butter, at 20 calories and 3g sugar a tablespoon even 2-3 will make a healthy coffee drink unless you have 5 a day. They also have special creamers for iced coffee, which is perfect for this time of year (in caramel creme for example).

Chobani non-dairy coffee creamer (in vanilla, sweet and creamy, or caramel macchiato) – At 30 calories per tablespoon, this is definitely one you would want to measure – but having been addicted to the caramel macchiato version I can confirm that a little goes a long way!

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You can take it with you: Options good for the traveler

 5 sparrows, which is a powder form of stevia sweetened coffee creamers. It comes in flavors like white chocolate, chai and salted caramel. The best part is that it is a powder form so you can take it when you travel without worrying about the liquids. I would strongly recommend if you do this, to buy a brand new pack and keep it in the original container. You don’t want to have to explain a white powder substance in a baggie to airport security in Heathrow, for example. Believe me, they check everything!!!

Laird superfood creamer.- Plant-based, dairy-free superfood creamers that come in both powder form and creamer. There are fun flavors like peppermint mocha and turmeric. You can also get a pre-mixed latte mix. This is great to have on hand for travel, especially if you go to one of those Euro hotels that often have a hot water tea kettle. I don’t know about you, but those mini Nespresso machines are a pain to figure out when you are jetlagged at 7am.

Waldern Farms is also known for its sugar-free pancake syrups. billster @ Adobe Stock


Walden Farms – Comes in a BUNCH of flavors, including caramel, vanilla, sweet and creamy, peppermint mocha, and pumpkin spice flavor (in a limited edition). I would only say this is more of a thick syrup than a creamer. And it has erythritol as one of the main sweetening ingredients – one you should know has recently been revealed in scientific studies to cause blood clots and possible heart attack or stroke.

Smart for life – Kind of an icky aftertaste. I had high hopes because the bottle size was in TSA compliant. But could not get over the chalkiness.

Nutpods – comes in fun flavors like Toasted marshmallows, at only 10 calories a tablespoon. It’s VERY nutty, and sometimes I feel like I have to pour fairly heavy to get the actual taste.

Half and half – as demonized as this option gets as the typical fattening creamer, half and half only has 20 calories per tablespoon and a natural sweet tasted from the lactose. As long as you follow the measure and manage approach I described above, you can enjoy half and half in a creamy coffee, even with 2 tablespoons.

2) For Starbucks, order one of my recommended drinks in this post.

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