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Galaxy, our CEO, has requested that each of my weekly roundups include a cute pic of her as the face of our brand. I wasn't really in a position to argue, even if she's not exactly a beacon of motivation for getting to the gym.

Week of June 30 – DAO Meal and Exercise Plan Update

This week, I have completed my shopping list collection for now with my Safeway and Costco guide. One way I love to get NEAT in is to grocery shop in person (no delivery, not online). I love to make it a family or a friend affair. It’s a type of meditation, too, if you do it alone. Mindful shopping is actually a thing.  You can zone out and zen out exploring the aisles, you don’t need your phone for any reason, and it’s your time to just.get what you need and maybe some fun new additions you didn’t plan on. 

Plus, it’s CARDIO. I shop when I can with a basket (see below). It’s potentially also a way to save money but usually ends up with me having an overflowing basket and some shredded biceps. If you live in an urban area and walking home is an option, getting your groceries packed in two evenly distributed bags can mimic the “farmer’s carry” exercises you see people doing with kettlebells at the gym. Carrying about 30–40 pounds on each side for 15-20 minutes is a heck of a work out. I realize for places like Costco, a cart may be more realistic, but once it starts getting heavy if you start pushing it as an angle like the picture below, you can almost make it into a sled push. And that comes in handy when you are roaming up and down the aisles looking for stuff, which is inevitable. Stores generally do a terrible job at labelling aisles and there is rarely anyone around to ask for directions! So just explore, and get your steps/workout in! 

And, it’s ARMS. For arms, another key area, check out my post on how to get Michelle Obama arms

I usually try to go at off-peak times – first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon are the best bet. Even if there is an unexpected line, I meditate and close my eyes instead of checking my phone, or maybe listen to a podcast. 

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Workout updates

For intentional workouts, I have concentrated on time – in the sense of time limits. My schedule has been getting more and more hectic, so I have less  time. But I have also noticed that if I make my workouts too long, I get hungrier. This article suggests that women have an uphill battle when fighting the hunger hormone ghrelin – and may be more susceptible to overeating after longer workouts as a result. Keeping my workouts a total of 40 minutes – including warmup and cooldowns – helps me stay focused and concentrated on what I am doing and get in and out as soon as possible. On days when I decide to take a class that’s normally about 45-60 minutes in duration, I position that so it’s later in the day and closest to dinner, which is my particularly largest meal of the day. If you need a refresher on pre versus post workout nutrition, definitely check out my previous article on the topic.

Besides my post on how to get six-pack abs, calf muscles are something we also want to pop in our shorter clothing. This article for Greatist gives you a list of some of the greatest exercises to tone your calves. 

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