silhouette of woman dancing ballet
The new Ballet by Equinox class can make you appreciate how hard ballerinas have it. But it's FUN. Photo by David Hofmann

The DAO Weekly Hotlist

New workout discoveries

I just fell in love again. Last week Ballet by Equinox launched in DC, one of only three cities (including NYC and LA around the country). These two articles do a great job of breaking down what to expect. I am not a dancer but sure feel like I could fake it until I make it after that class. Having some barre background helps, but this experience is definitely different in a good way!

Equinox Ballet Class (Popsugar)
Workout Like a Professional Ballerina (Yahoo!News)

I love getting inspired to move a little different from throwbacks and I love supporting locals aka Denise Austin! Her workouts past and present are the BOMB.COM! (Youtube)

Speaking of throwback and ever so pertinent for this week’s post about frontal plane movement and strong hips… I think we need to bring back the ThighMaster!! Suzanne Somers’ is still at it… (Suzanne Somers)

Read and listen

Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk was so inspiring I read her book, “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges” when it came out and I wanted to reinforce some posture queues into myself so I listened to the audio in her own voice. I was stunned at my own personal power. I think it is the perfect time to a reread and relisten (Amazon)

The more I read about Oliver Rousteig, the more I fall in love with his ethos of embrace. Far too long the fashion world has only touted a narrow view of ‘beauty’ and led to dangerous levels of body dysmorphia within society. Rousteig’s designs were first rejected by the Haute Couture community but was so widely embraced by the people that he now has what is known as the ‘Balmain Army.’ Interestingly, after this documentary was made, this September’s Paris Fashion Week was completely open to the public. Haute couture likes to hold events where public spaces are made private and everyone of all colors, sizes, and ages are celebrated for their beauty! His own story is equally incredible. (Netflix)

yellow fruit with green leaves on white surface
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck


Quince is amazing! Being Persian, you get hooked to the lovely quince jam early on and it is perfect as a dessert or sweet and savory addition to a nice briny Feta. The quince season is ending, so perfect timing for a chunky quince preserve recipe … (Beat Seats). Seriously, have it with real or nut butter in the morning with tea or coffee and you will be in heaven.

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