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Washing your hands gets all the attention, but washing your face properly is just as important! Photo by Audrey Fretz

Weekly roundup: setting boundaries, wash your face right

Here is my regular roundup of interesting articles, workouts and recipes.


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Easy Little Black Dress Meal of the week

This week I am obsessed with open faced sandwiches! Check out my hummus, tomato, and olive brand on the left, and then my labneh, egg combo on the right. And you can put it together quickly in five minutes between calls!

Open faced sandwiches let you have twice the sandwich and the variety!

You can find the recipe here.

An important part of this recipe is how to bake eggs in the oven. It’s really easy using a muffin pan. I have a square pan that I like to use myself for this purpose. It’s super easy and then you have eggs for breakfast for the next 3-4 days.

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Photo by Elena Kloppenburg

Workout of the week: Pilates

With all the fancy versions of workouts lately, sometimes we have to revisit the basics.

I have been taking more Pilates classes lately, and now I have a greater appreciation for the fundamentals – the “100” ab move, the saw, and the side-leg exercises that also work your core. I always notice I stand up a little straighter after every class. Over time, Pilates can make you have a stronger core and a more toned physique, in a different way than yoga or strength training can. Now, many classes have the traditional movements as a foundation but also incorporate light handweights, blocks, bands, and circles.

Here are 8 things you need to know before you take a Pilates Class from Shape Magazine.

During my workout from home phase, I took many classes on the Obė app. You can read my review of more Pilates apps here.

Articles of the week:

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