You are currently viewing Watch these videos to get in shape this summer

Watch these videos to get in shape this summer

In our 50th anniversary issue, we are looking back – at the best of times. Here are the top DAOFitLife YouTube videos you may have missed. I have included a QR code for each one in case you want to scan to your phone and listen on the go! For more videos, check out the DAOFitLife YouTube Channel (please like and subscribe!)

Cardio or weights first (plank hold series)

Every so often, I will make a video while holding a plank. Because it’s a good workout and it forces me to be brief about some very divisive issues, like cardio or weights first? I will do an in-depth post with more info, but for now enjoy the video! 

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I can possibly take credit for coining this term – Zoom, are you reading this?? I get that we often have back to back calls all day, so when are we supposed to actually get any workouts in. Enter “Zoomwalking”:

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Travel tips 

I once traveled so often for work, that once when I was sitting at a Greek restaurant in Berlin, I forgot what country I was in. From small town America to exotic Tokyo hotels, I have hacked my way into coming up with the best travel tips to stay fit on the road, whether it is for business or pleasure:

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Springing into Fitness 

My first video in my springing into fitness series covers the basics of rejiggering your food habits – tracking calories, watching condiment “caloriebombs” and portion sizes. There is so much that we think we are doing right but then it gets sabotaged by these sneaky saboteurs. So start listening and you can also catch my “sequels” on Springing into fitness in my live webinar YouTube playlist linked at the top of this post. 

DAOFitLive #3 – Springing into fitness for Busy Professionals (Part 1)

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DAOFitLive#4: Springing into Fitness for Professional Part 2 (Covering How to Ready Nutrition Labels)

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DAOFitLive #4:Nutrition labels 101

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Springing into Fitness for Busy Professionals Part 3 (Calories. Macros. Diets).

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Blog Posts Featured in the Videos

The DAO of Zoomwalking

Calculaing Macros

In this post I explain how to calculate approximate calorie intake and use different apps to track calories and macros.

How to keep condiments tasting good witthout adding tons of unnecessary calories:

This is a condiment bonanza post – what are the caloribombs, what are good substitutions, and the ultimate low-cal DIY and store bought salad dressings.

Portion Sizes

In this post I explain why portion sizes are so small and how you can use different tools to gauge how much you should be eating.

DAOFitLife YouTube Channel


The DAO of pimping your salad

9 tips to measure and control portion sizes

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