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The DAO of Hair Care

Hair has always been an important part of who we are. It starts growing on our heads when we are still in the womb. Every day, we are dealing with our hair in some fashion – brushing it, washing it, styling it, or treating it. So it is fit to devote one of my blog posts to the do’s and don’ts of hair care. This is important especially if you are active – your hair needs even more extra care. 

DON’T Wash your hair every day

It may seem counterintuitive, but washing your hair every day can mean a greasier scalp because of its overcompensating to produce more oils. This can also cause dryness and flakiness because of the dryness in your scalp

DO aim to wash every other or third day 

If you have that friend that brags about only washing their hair once a week, they should take note that not washing often enough can impair hair growth because of the build up of sebum on the scalp. 

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How to prolong your clean wash 

If you have hair past shoulder length, you know washing it is a THING. Even with bobs or lobs, the styling can get complicated and you need to carve out time to do the deal. Even blowouts take time to go to the salon and be at the appointment, plus the financial cost. We all feel great with a clean styled head of hair, but as fitprofessionals, we need to make it last!

  • Don’t condition your roots: Unless you want your hair to look flat and weighed down. The same principle applies to an argan oil or hair treatment – start from the mid-shaft and work your way down
  • Spritz dry shampoo right after your blow-dry: Most people save this for the day in-between, but preemptively spraying this can keep the scalp and hair fresh and fend off oiliness, especially during workouts
  • Save your sweaty SoulCycle class for a hair wash day: I structure my workouts around my hair wash days. This is necessary to do when you have long hair like mine! I wash on heavy cardio days, and then rely on a sweat-wicking hat or headband for days when I lift, do yoga, or walk for active recovery 

DON’T Make these blow-drying Mistakes 

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How to make your hair have a ton of volume

Remember, the higher the hair, the closer to God!

How to smooth unruly curls

If frizzy, unruly hair is your problem, you will definitely want to read these tips from top hair pro John Freida.

DO protect your hair while you sleep 

DON’T Wear Ballerina Buns or Ariana Grande Ponytails on the Reg

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  • Again, the constant “pulling” caused by these styles can cause breakage and hair loss. 
  • Not to mention, wearing your hair so tight could potentially be responsible for constant headaches. 
  • This goes for you guys and your man buns to. The man bun topknot may look cool, but it’s bad for your hair. 

DO wear hair in a low pony or low manbun

  • Change the placement every day to avoid breakage from repetitive stress to the area
  • Buy hair ties  that specifically list as no-breakage, like one of these

DO watch the placement of your gallon-sized handbag or gym-bag

  • Hairdressers can easily tell which side your carry your purse on; that constant pull of the strap on your hair can cause some serious breakage
  • Be sure to sweep your hair to the side to avoid contact with the bag strap 

DON’T Brush your hair like Marcia Brady 

  • It’s good to brush your hair; it invigorates the scalp and distributes essential oils. The general recommendation is twice a day, morning and night. 
  • Brush from the bottom up, to avoid pulling at the root 
  • DO NOT EVER EVER EVER brush wet hair. You might as well hack at it with a chainsaw. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb like this one from Lily England to detangle gently. The product which comes super cheap on Amazon also comes with a detangling brush. 
Everyone deserves to have a memorable good hair day.

DON’T DIY Color 

For god’s sake, please do not color on hair that should only be left for professionals. I can’t tell you how many stylists I ran into that told me they had panicked clients calling them in the middle of the night crying because they tried to dye their roots. One wrong move and you could irreversibly bleach them. The color on the box can be very misleading – it’s a lot to do with the chemistry of your hair, which is why a professional often has to mix several different formulas.  Different textured hairs dye differently and that is why if you have someone specifically that can dye your hair and knows hair color and the real chemistry behind it- keep them forever! It can be *extremely* expensive trying to undo the DIY damage (Neda knows this first hand the hard way and if you like she can share some pretty epic stories). During lockdown, hair dye spray was my best friend. You can get this super cheap from brands like TRESemmė.

DO Eat your healthy fats and protein

Your hair can’t be healthy unless your body is healthy. Taking care of yourself from the inside, drinking plenty of water, and focusing on nutrition will give extra shine and body to your hair. Some of the top hair superfoods are salmon, eggs, almonds, nuts, seeds, avocados, and sweet potatoes.

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