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Foods that are no better for you than their “evil” cousin

In a morality-laced wellness culture, the world is divided into two food groups: Virtue-signaling “clean” foods, and evil, bad foods.

You know what? In many cases, the virtue signaling-food is actually not materially healthier. I have identified several common categories that compare the demonized food and the halo effect, then shine a light on reality. As for a solution, you can now eat the food you really want knowing that there is no real moral superiority to the alternative. OR you do what I do in many cases which is identify the core craving behind wanting a particular food and satisfy it with a healthier alternative, not a “faux healthy” version of that food.


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Your Brain on Lab-Grown Food

Do you ever wander through a grocery store, and you start snaking through the center aisles through the bright beautiful colors of foods in boxes and bags? If you stop and pay attention to how you feel, it may be giddy, excited or just want to eat everything in sight?

Believe it or not, you are being seduced.


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Your A-Z Guide to Popular Diets

You want to try a diet. I get it. I am not here to stop you. It’s that time in the middle of winter when you have that panic moment – you’ve been super busy at work the holidays threw you off and you started a fitness kick but stopped it at the end of dry January.

So here is a list of popular diets – and some criteria to consider before going on one. I am also including DAO resources with deep dives on the super popular ones – Keto, Paleo, and Intermittent Fasting.


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How to cut sugar without going crazy

If you have been listening to mainstream media, you probably are convinced that sugar is the devil incarnate when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. Yes, sugar is delicious and tempting and even comforting. But eating too much can lead to all kinds of problems – including weight gain and obesity, . And most Americans eat way, way too much. (up to 5 times the recommended amount by the American Heart Association).

Sugar is also really sneaky. It is EVERYWHERE…in places you don’t even suspect. So when you are at a conference and innocently picking up that cup of yogurt at breakfast, thinking you are being “good”, you are likely just inhaling a bunch of sugar. You might as well have had that danish! Even when it comes to less obvious “evils”, there are so many conflicting opinions. Fruit is good. No, fruit’s just like sugar, it’s bad. White sugar is bad, but honey and date syrup are legit “clean eating.” Or the “sugar is sugar is sugar” trope.

It all comes back to being smart, not being dogmatic. In this article, I boil down what you need to know to be smart about sugar. Most of the reason we overconsume is lack of information and marketing hacks. This article will give you the knowledge you need, so you don’t have to deprive yourself.


Whatever you write down will fade by February. So do something different, now. Photo by Tim Mossholder

New Year’s Resolutions for People With Real Jobs

  – and sustain it.  If resolutions are not sustainable, then what IS sustainable? Changing your daily HABITS is a sustainable way to make lifelong differences. That is because you are working with what you are already doing every single day - making decisions. Every single habit we have is…

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Guilt-Free Winter Comfort Foods

It’s cold outside. It’s snowing. You are so ready to sit under your Ugg throw and snug with a book or a binge watch. 

Maybe you already got your workout in, and it’s time to relax. But what you nosh on during that sesh can totally erase whatever calories you burned during spinning. 

But that does not mean you have to miss out on what you love to eat when the weather is so chilly. I have found a way to enjoy my favorite comfort foods without guilt, and I am sharing a list of the usual suspects with you, and my recommended substitution.


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7 Tips to Stay fit during holiday parties

Why you should care about fitness while you part-ay It's easy to forget yourself during all the fun and excitement of the holidays. That in addition to the friends and family events can leave you stressed out, rushed, and willing to pause and let your fitness routine fall by the…

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Do you have to choose between being sad or skinny? Read on to find out what your options are. terovesalainen @ Adobe Stock

When treating your mental health makes you gain weight

 Would you rather be sad, or skinny? Would you rather be fat and happy, or thin and sad? These are questions that magazines are actually asking mostly women about the fact that treating depression and anxiety would some forms of medication could potentially cause weight gain

The articles featured in Vice and Self magazine echo a deeper sense of self- conflict about mental health – at what cost do we pursue our well-being and happiness? For some this can mean taking prescribed medication, which can lead to intended and unintended consequence. And one of the biggest ones whispered about in anonymous forums is this: weight gain.


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How to attend conferences without blowing your fitness goals 

If you are in a professional services field, you know that conferences are like our Superbowl. It’s the ultimate opportunity for companies to showcase their talent, swag, and brand power. 

It’s also the ultimate opportunity to pack on the pounds. A lack of choice for food options, many of which are not healthy. Wining and dining. Little sleep from compressed schedules for presentations and time zone differences. 

Slowly, you make decisions that you would never make if you were at your own home base. Like, maybe that stale mini cheese Danish IS a good idea. 

If I know one thing from being a professional in this workforce for many years, pre and post-pandemic, I know how to navigate this minefield. And I am here to tell you all the best tricks and tips so you can come and go like the fit boss that you are. 


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How to ghost sugar overload this Halloween (updated)

It’s Halloween already, and we are officially sanctioned to go back to trick-or-treating and Halloween parties. The drugstores and grocery stores are teeming with bags of fun-size candy bars and candy corn pumpkins. Offices and schools have candy bowls and homemade cookies EVERYWHERE. You may be going to one or a few Halloween parties this weekend. This is NOT the time to white knuckle. There is a better answer.


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When I dip you dip: The 10 Best Low-Calorie Veggie Dips

Dipping veggies in tasty sauces has been an important factor in how I have been able to not only achieve, but maintain my weight. Let’s face it – when all is said and done, mainstream media and advertising content are showering us with temptation all day long. You cannot go about your normal day without having images of fried food shoved in your face. But you can outsmart the temptation and have your dip too.


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Here are a list of the perfect choices for that midday salad pick me up. Photo by Nielsen Ramon

DAOFitLife Hot List: Healthiest summer salad chains

It’s almost noon, and you are hungry? What are you going to get when it’s north of 80 degrees and climbing? A SALAD! And I have the perfect recommendations on what chains are the healthiest and how to order healthy so you can slide into the pool later.


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Bento boxes rock! Here are the best recipes. Photo by Ella Olsson

DAOFitLife Hotlist: Best Lunch Prep Ideas

We all are so crazed and running around during the day. Lunch is well, inconvenient. Now is a good time to refresh your lunch playlist with some very fast and easy prep ideas. But first - don't skip lunch! A good dose of nutritious food midday will keep your bloodsugar…

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On the hunt for a great gift - consider a useful iPhone wallet. Photo by Sahej Brar

The DAOFitLife Weekly Hotlist May 11

If you are on the hunt for a good graduation gift or Father's day present, check out the SkyBorne iPhone Wallet More Zoom video etiquette from Anna Bey (no beds in the background, don't take your phone to weird places). Want to avoid the traps of ordering from Amazon in…

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8 ways to eat fruits and vegetables without the hassle

There are two main barriers for most busy professionals when it comes to getting in more fruit and vegetables: 1) they are not as fun to eat as M&Ms; 2) They are also way harder to prepare – we don’t all have time to make unicorn food smoothies . And the last reason makes it really problematic for thoe of us who barely have time to eat in the first place. So here is your no-muss, no-fuss guide to getting in more fruits and vegetables for a healthier, leaner you in time for summer.



How to order healthy sushi

Sushi is one of my favorite go-to foods as the weather starts to get warmer. The sticky rice, salty taste and fun eating with chopsticks is a perfect way to end a hard workweek. While sushi can be a great choice if you are trying to be conscious of your…


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