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10 Things I Did to Lose Weight For Good

In 2013, my weight loss journey began with a goal to shed 50 pounds in just six months. A decade later, not only have I sustained that transformation, but I’ve integrated lasting lifestyle changes. Here are the 10 key things I did to achieve and maintain my weight loss.

My transformation story in less than a minute.

1. Ditching Alcohol

I eliminated alcohol from my life, freeing myself from empty calories and making healthier choices.

2. Continuous Daily Activity

I embraced a lifestyle of constant movement, making choices like taking stairs and short walks to stay active throughout the day. I also embraced “NEAT” – which is a way to stay fit even without the gym. If you want to find out how to stay fit without the gym, you can click here:

3. Prioritizing Wellness

Shifting my mindset, I made wellness a priority—focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health equally.

4. Balanced Nutrition

I adopted a balanced approach to nutrition, incorporating whole foods while allowing occasional treats to prevent cravings and bingeing. A big part of that was meal planning – my way, for busy people on the go. This is my Little Black Dress Meal Planning Method, and you can also download templates as well.

5. Healthy Habits on the Go

During travels, I packed nutritious snacks and stayed committed to my fitness routine to avoid unhealthy choices. I have a lot of content about staying fit while traveling – see the below article and video!

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6. Consistent Fitness Routine that I took everywhere

Exercise became a non-negotiable part of my daily life, with activities I enjoyed, ensuring long-term sustainability. I also made sure I did workouts wherever I traveled, even if there was no gym. If you are in the same situation, read about how you can even exercise in your hotel room:

7. Mindset Shift

I changed my perspective, viewing weight loss as a lifelong commitment to health, fostering resilience and persistence. Meditation became a part of my everyday life. Here is my article on how to get started on Meditation:

8. Yoga

Incorporating yoga brought physical and mental balance, enhancing strength, flexibility, and mental well-being. If you want to find out how to incorporate yoga in your routine, you can check out my article here:

9. Accountability Measures

I enrolled in classes and joined a gym, introducing accountability through financial commitment and building a community of like-minded individuals. I also began using apps to track my food, knowing how important it is to have awareness of overall calorie intake. Diet is 90 percent of the battle:

10. Integrated Identity and Relationships

I made fitness and wellness part of my identity and relationships. Family and friends joined my journey, working out and eating healthily together. This collaborative approach led to the creation of, where I share knowledge and authored “Business Class Fitness.”

This transformative journey wasn’t just about losing weight; it was about embracing a holistic lifestyle that has endured over a decade. These ten pillars not only facilitated my weight loss but also became the foundation for a sustained commitment to health and happiness.

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