woman wearing gray and black scarf
If you feel down when winter comes, it's not just you! Photo by Amadeo Valar

The DAO Weekly Hot List

What’s hot this week? By Neda Khalili, NASM certified trainer.

Depression in the Winter comes in Surprising Variations: As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many suffer from the seasonal effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD . Some may think that it just some blues because of less sun…. Well, not so, it can come in many forms and fashions. This link does a great job in unpacking how SAD has been both defined too broadly and too narrowly. Lights can help ahead! 

Ask A Boss: My Co-Worker Complains All Day. What a pertinent read for this week! Here are some hot tips in ‘The Cut’ about what you can do to mitigate the effects of that potential co-worker brewing with negative energy. This question-answer piece is excellent because it breaks down the communication barrier needed between two coworkers of the same level; none of which may have power over a bad situation. As I stated earlier, in reference to ghosting; it turns out that speaking truth to power is the way to go. 

The Coveteur’s guide to Carbon Neutral Shopping. Neda and I talk about our love for fashion and design and how it is really the best IRL but with these times, it has been tough! I love a nice little somethin’ somethin’ and I love knowing about more options to err on the carbon neutral side while I am at it.

5 Exercises That You Should Do First Thing in the Morning! As someone who has done a lot in the morning already, I say yes, yes, yes! Just remember form before function always.Back Exercises with Bands! Oh man, the humble elastic band can do sooooo much good when used correctly and here are 14 of ‘em! I love all of these and back health is really up there with heart health in how important it is to be strong for quality of life. I like to do a lot of band work close by to a mirror so I can pay attention to form and notice all of those little nuances that can help make big postural changes!

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